Santa Barbara Shopping

Santa Barbara Shopping

Do you want to return home with something to show for your vacation? Are souvenirs your favorite way to bring back the memories of an amazing vacation? Do you enjoy fresh air and a little exercise? If you answered "yes" to any of these, then you need to hit the streets for some shopping in Santa Barbara!

What Makes Santa Barbara Shopping Great?

Visiting the shops is a pleasure in itself: walking along downtown, ambling around the Funk Zone, or strolling along Stearn's Wharf, you're sure to enjoy browsing Santa Barbara's many shops. State Street's quaint adobe buildings offer a welcoming atmosphere that hearkens back to California's early days, while the architecture and artistry of the Funk Zone capture contemporary imagination. If you want to get close to the scent of the ocean breeze, head down to Stearn's Wharf and the Santa Barbara Harbor.

And of course, Santa Barbara's ever-present beauty will be with you every step of the way - whether your Santa Barbara shopping trip is back dropped by the lovely Santa Ynez Mountains or the breath-taking Pacific Ocean is simply a matter of which way you're facing. Shopping Santa Barbara is an experience all its own!

Where to Go

Santa Barbara is a busy city, offering plenty of places to look regardless of where you're staying. State Street is perhaps the best-known shopping area to locals and tourists alike - it's one of the most popular places to pass through and go to, so it's always full of energy! It offers many of the most well-known brands, so head there for a taste of the familiar in a new setting. It also offers many showrooms and restaurants, making it a great place for a well-rounded outing. Major hubs along State Street include Arlington Plaza, La Arcada Court, and De La Guerra Plaza.

While downtown, consider a trip to Paseo Nuevo. As an open-air mall, it takes advantage of Santa Barbara's wonderful climate for a more refreshing shopping experience. The mall includes many favorite destinations for shopping sprees, such as Macy's and Sephora, as well as courts and terraces that make great places to relax and catch one's breath.

For a more intensely local feel, the shopping district called the Funk Zone is a great place to visit. Standing south of Highway 101, the Funk Zone is a great place to both eat and shop. The area boasts many popular restaurants, as well as a whole host of artisan wineries - in fact, the Funk Zone comprises a major part of the Urban Wine Trail.

Beachside Shops

Many come to California to get close to the sea, and for those who can never be close enough, there are plenty of souvenir shops dotting Stearn's Wharf and the Santa Barbara Harbor. Shopping in Santa Barbara is a rewarding experience and a splendid way to get a feel for the area - why not start making a list?

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