Santa Barbara Scenic Drive Route

Santa Barbara Scenic Drive Route

Santa Barbara has more scenic value than just about any other place that you can find, not only in the United States, but in the world. It's blend of mountainous terrain, rolling hills, ample vegetation, and beautiful beaches make it a diverse place of unparalleled wonder. Given all this beauty, it is amazing how the people of the city found unique ways to take advantage of their beautiful spot on the Pacific Ocean. There is perhaps no greater testament to this appreciation of beauty than the Santa Barbara scenic drive.

About the Route and Scenery

The route consists of a loop which is completed over 17 miles. You can complete the loop in about 45 minutes, but you are sure to want to take it a bit slower than that. You can start the journey from anywhere on the route. About half of the route stretches along seven miles of Santa Barbara's pristine coastline. Throughout this stretch, you can enjoy incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and beautiful beaches, but you also have the opportunity to see some of the beautiful houses along the beach, as well as the charm of downtown Santa Barbara. To the north, the Santa Barbara scenic drive route takes you along hillsides featuring beautiful homes and even more beautiful natural landscapes.

Significant Stops

There are so many cool things to see throughout Santa Barbara, many of which lie directly adjacent to the Santa Barbara scenic drive route. One of the most significant of these landmarks is Stearns Wharf, which you will pass right by. You might want to stop for a bit to enjoy the beauty and history of this famed location. Drives past Arroyo Burro Beach and Shoreline Park offer views of some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, while you also drive right past the world-renowned Mission Santa Barbara. You will also have a casual jaunt through Palm Drive, Santa Barbara's busiest road along the beach.

In a way, there is nothing special about this Santa Barbara attraction, but it is also one of the coolest because it gives you comprehensive exposure to the city and the reasons why it is such an awesome place to visit. Perhaps the best part about the Santa Barbara 17 mile scenic drive is it is FREE, except for gas of course. Make a casual drive along Santa Barbara's scenic drive a part of your next vacation. If you have any questions about our Santa Barbara or Santa Ynez Valley vacation rentals, give us a call or check out our specials!