Santa Barbara Hiking

Santa Barbara Hiking

Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature When you are on vacation in Santa Barbara. And whether it's the wildflowers of our National Parks or the rolling waves of our beaches, Santa Barbara hiking has the prime spot for your excursion.

Hiking Santa Barbara is a great way to get a feel for the area - few activities bring you so close to the land, letting you get to observe firsthand its wildlife, flora, and terrain. This same reason makes it a great activity for getting pictures - pictures taken on hikes in Santa Barbara can capture the memory of incredible beauty, and makes the perfect vacation souvenir to show off to friends and family back home.

Speaking of nature, hiking is one of the most pet-friendly activities a tourist can imagine - enjoy your day without having to leave your dog at home! Finally, Santa Barbara hikes are great exercise - it works up a good appetite for Santa Barbara's great cuisine, and helps you sleep even better in your vacation rental bed.

Where to Hike

Santa Barbara's diverse geography offers plenty of choices for your exercise excursion. Certainly, beaches are always an option - have the rolling waves serve as the perfect backdrop to your hikes in Santa Barbara. Most of these hikes are smooth, but offer a variety of lengths depending on how much of the day you want to spend on your hike. For those looking for a more rugged trek, the hike from Refugio to El Capitan may be for you - just pay close attention to the tides to make sure there's a path available.

For those who prefer more green in their hiking scene, most Santa Barbara hikes fall into one of two categories: Front Country and Back Country. The Front Country hikes lie to the south of the Santa Ynez Mountains, and are among the most popular options in Santa Barbara. This category encompasses a vast array of trails. San Antonio Creek is a nice flat trail that's good for daily exercise, while the hike to Cathedral Peak requires some rock climbing and is much more demanding overall. The Seven Falls trail offers a nice dip in a creek, while the twists and turns of the Tunnel Trail make great exploring.

The Back Country trails, most of which lie off of Paradise Road, offer challenging hikes such as the Snyder Trail as well as the beautiful Aliso Canyon Trail, which offers beautiful views of blooming flowers in spring.Hiking Santa Barbara& is scenic,& pet-friendly, and great exercise. If you'd like to head out with someone more familiar with the area, go on over to and see where the local Sierra Club is heading!

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