Pet Friendly Santa Barbara Attractions

Pet Friendly Santa Barbara Attractions

No family is complete without Sparky the dog. We at Paradise Retreat know how important pets are to people, and it's our goal to make sure everyone is included on vacation. So grab your four legged furry friend and read on to find out the best pet friendly Santa Barbara activities.

A Glass of Wine

Starting off with the most unique, it';s the Santa Barbara Winery. You wouldn't expect this to be a pet friendly activity, but in the open air of this vineyard, well behaved dogs are welcome to join you as you try the best of the fermented grapes. Hop on their website and check out the schedule and the wines available.

Come One and All

Treat your dog like you treat yourself and let him enjoy some fun in the sun with the cool ocean. Hendry's Beach, aka Arroyo Burro Beach, is an off-leash beach where your dog can be free! The great thing about this beach culture is that dog lovers congregate here, so you'll likely find play mates for your pup without too much effort. Lay on the sands and have the peace of mind that you don't need to worry too much about the pet.

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Pet Care

If the beach isn't your scene, there are some great dog parks around Santa Barbara. Douglas Family Preserve is one of the bigger names, allowing off-leash fun. Its 70 acres of nature, complete with hiking trails and a beach area, is the perfect place for your dog to explore. This is a great way to spoil your pet.

Take a Walk

Another of the pet friendly attractions in Santa Barbara is the Oceanfront Trail, a great spot to stroll beside the ocean with some greenery. Get some exercise here with a morning run and you're dog will thank you! It's a good length, too, as it runs along the beach; you don't have to worry about it stopping short. It's just like taking the dog around the block back home, but so much more scenic.

Just Relax, Dawg

Things to do in Santa Barbara with your pet aren't as hard to find as you might expect. Dogs are frequently listed, but if you have beloved cat or well-trained bird, bring them along too and they can partake in a majority of the locations. This is a pet friendly place! It's important, too; vacation is about relaxation, how you can relax when you're worried about your beloved pet at home. Well, there's no need! Bring the pets along and enjoy your vacation home or condo with the whole family.

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