Land Shark Tours

Land Shark Tours

As the name suggests, Land Shark Tours is an experience involving both land and sea. It is an exciting tour of the historical side of our beachside city aboard a specially designed vessel with wheels for land that can still float in the sea. This vessel has a high safety rating and has been approved by the Coast Guard. Here is what you can expect from a land shark tour!

A 90-Minute Narrated Adventure

Land Shark Tours are nothing like the ordinary adventure of the sea. Here, you are in for a 90-minute-long journey cutting across land and sea. It is a tour of downtown Santa Barbara with multiple historical landmarks around town for you to see. Better still, it is a narrated journey, meaning there is no segment of the adventure you are missing out on. The second part of the journey happens in the sea with lots to explore by the time you get to the harbor.

Food and Drinks on Santa Barbara Land Shark Tours

These tours are akin to food and wine-sampling adventures. They are the perfect definition of partying on the move. Unlike the ordinary ocean rides, there are food and drinks served on board. Exploring the vast Santa Barbara beauty with a glass of wine in your palm is such an exciting experience.

A Wildlife Adventure

These tours are more than just cruising on land and sea. They also double up as a wildlife-seeing adventure. You start noticing sea creatures the moment you splash into the ocean. The most common is the sea lion. Typically, sea lions are not dangerous to humans, unless they feel threatened. Super-intelligent dolphins are also common in the ocean. Seeing these creatures hop from one end of the sea to the next makes the experience even more exciting. Whales can also be seen, although on rare occasions.

A Customizable Sea Experience

Santa Barbara Land Shark Tours are all about the experience of the customer. As long as what they demand doesn't jeopardize the regulations of the ocean, you will always have your way. It is a standout way of celebrating your birthday. Also, you may decide to book a sunset cruise as part of your customized experience in the sea.

Vacation in Luxury

These amphibious vehicles are the beginning of a luxurious adventure on the coast. Take the experience a notch higher by booking a luxurious vacation rental that complements your stay in town. a href="">Contact us today to reserve your Santa Barbara vacation!