Kayaking in Santa Barbara

Kayaking in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara hosts one of California's best features: miles of gorgeous, breathtaking ocean shores. But the ocean isn't just for looking at - for many, it's the best way to cut loose and explore!

Of the many popular means of leaving the land behind, kayaking in Santa Barbara is ideal for go-getters who like to take charge and enjoy wholesome exercise. It's also excellent for people who want more individual freedom in where they go, as well as nature-lovers who want to get to quieter spots that larger ships have difficulty reaching. Romantic couples also love two-person kayaks, as nothing builds a bond quite like working together to tame the ocean waves.

Why Kayak?

Kayaking and canoeing are splendid ways to sight-see along the Santa Barbara Channel, allowing you to get up close to secluded spots in nature. It offers a chance to see great views, take great pictures, and make great memories. For those content to rest in place, specially designed kayaks also make good boats for fishing.

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Santa Barbara kayaking is also great exercise. Steady rowing keeps the heart rate up, keeping balance works the core, and paddling against the ocean works the upper body. As an added benefit, the work is very low-impact, making injury very rare. It's a thorough workout that's safe for adults and kids alike. Food tastes better and sleep comes easier after a good day of kayaking Santa Barbara!

Places to Go Kayaking in Santa Barbara

South of Santa Barbara lies a beautiful stretch of ocean waiting for you to explore it. Venture down to Santa Cruz Island to enjoy the scenery of lovely Channel Islands National Park, or head west of it to go sight-seeing along Santa Rosa Island or San Miguel Island. The sea also offers plenty places to fish - the many kelp beds hidden under the waves conceal habitats for what could be your dinner.

Who to See

The ocean can be a dangerous place to go alone and unprepared. Thankfully, there are many companies in Santa Barbara that can help you take the plunge, including Cal Coast Adventures www.calcoastadventures.com. Because the Channel is so perfect for kayaking, many businesses offer tours and equipment rentals for those looking into Santa Barbara kayaking. Companies such as Truth Aquatics, Paddle Sports Center, Captain Jack's Tours and Events, Santa Barbara Sailing, and Santa Barbara Adventure Company all offer tours to help you get the most out of your day on the sea, while Santa Barbara Sailing and Paddle Sports Center offer equipment rentals to those who prefer a more individual approach.

Kayaking in Santa Barbara is a great way to spend a day during your stay with Paradise Retreats. If you agree, go ahead and look up one of the companies mentioned. A great time awaits you - just bring sunscreen! A world of fun awaits you in our lovely vacation homes. Check out our specials here!

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