Horseback Riding in Santa Barbara

Horseback Riding in Santa Barbara

The domestication of the horse paved the way for the rise of human civilizations, and ever since, our partnership with these wonderful creatures has been the subject of tales of partnership, heroism, loyalty, and love. Today our bond with horses has remained strong, and one of the older human pastimes - horseback riding - remains a favorite leisure activity. Read on to learn about horseback riding in Santa Barbara!

Why Should You Try Out Horseback Riding in Santa Barbara?

Santa Barbara horseback riding offers many perks. These sure-footed creatures can handle many trails that would be unsafe for cyclists. The quicker trot available to more experienced riders means you can cover more ground and explore further in a day with horseback riding in Santa Barbara than you could on foot. It's also good exercise, as repeated riding experience helps build core muscles crucial in balancing. Perhaps best of all, saddling up on a horse offers a great psychological high: there's no confidence boost quite like having an animal twice your size respond to your commands! Plus, the photo opportunities alone, whether of you atop your majestic steed or of the beautiful locations you travel to while horse riding Santa Barbara, practically pay for the experiences themselves.

Where to?

Santa Barbara has a special geographic niche, located between mountains to the north and ocean to the south. With exceptional variety of terrain and consistent lovely weather, there's no shortage of picturesque spots to ride like the cowboys of yore. Do you dream of sunsets on the beach while gentle waves lap at the hooves of your mount? You can get that here! Would you rather travel through a heavily wooded area, reminiscing of the days of royal hunts? Santa Barbara's got you covered. Have images of sure-footed steeds guiding their riders up steep canyons captured your imagination? Try heading one on of the trips to Refugio Canyon and experience it yourself. And if you dream of cresting a mountain to discover an awe-inspiring vista stretching to the horizon, Santa Barbara horseback riding is perfect for you.

Who to See

With so many great places for an equine experience, it's no surprise that Santa Barbara offers so many options to get out and ride. Multiple companies offer riding tours along the beach, such as Santa Barbara Adventure Company, Santa Barbara Beach Rides, and Los Padres Outfitters. The latter also offers tours featuring a wine and cheese picnic to compliment the experience. Captain Jack Tours offers a day of riding coupled with wine tastings, or a day out heading through a forest and up a mountain.

All of these tours are safe for beginners new to horse riding Santa Barbara. On the other hand, perhaps you'd prefer to get experience riding first before leaving the security of the stables. In this case, Raintree Ranch and Nojoqui Horse Ranch may be more your style; both offer riding lessons as well as tours.

With so many options, you're sure to find a horseback riding Santa Barbara experience that captures your imagination. Why wait? Book a tour during your stay with Paradise Retreats ASAP and guarantee a great time to tell your friends all about! Give us a call today to begin planning your beach vacation.

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