Experience the Beauty of the Weather in Santa Barbara, CA

Experience the Beauty of the Weather in Santa Barbara, CA

Many of us live in places that are either too hot or too cold during certain points of the year. Winters in the Midwest and on the East Coast can be temperate with a bit of snow or trap you in a blizzard for a week straight; it all depends on the year. Also, the summers in the Southwest can be unbearably hot, sometimes reaching over 110 degrees. Due to some natural phenomena in southern California, the weather in Santa Barbara stays nice and cool in the summer and stays pretty warm in the winter. If you are looking to escape the heat or the cold, look to Santa Barbara for those moderate conditions that you dream of!

Seasonal Santa Barbara Weather

Santa Barbara lies off the coast in southern California and is effected the most by the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean acts as a natural swamp cooler, thereby making Santa Barbara's weather some of the most moderate in the country. Year-round, Santa Barbara doesn't reach above 80 or below 45 degrees at any point during the year. Their proximity to the ocean, and the mountain range to help keep out cold fronts from the east, keeps the weather in Santa Barbara moderate throughout the year.

June Gloom

One of the more unique phenomenon that occurs in Santa Barbara is what is known as June Gloom. In May to June every year, the warm desert wind hits the cold ocean water and creates a rolling fog that helps cool Santa Barbara's summers. The result is a grey fog that will roll in consistently in the summer mornings, but normally clears up by lunch time, leaving a wonderful sunny and cool day for guests to enjoy. The locals may think its gloomy, but it's really a sight to see and serves an important function for Santa Barbara's weather.