Experience Great Weather in Ventura, CA

Experience Great Weather in Ventura, CA

When choosing a vacation destination, many people choose locations based on attractions, family, or even hobbies, but one thing that consistently gets overlooked until you arrive is weather. The weather of a location is crucial when looking to escape the routine of everyday life. If you live in the desert, you probably want to escape the heat; if you live in a state where snowmen are a constant feature, maybe visit somewhere warm. Where these two ideas meet lies Ventura, California. Ventura weather is temperate and has over 270 sunny days per year, making it a great vacation destination.


Ventura County remains pretty moderate throughout the year. Generally, the summers are in the low to mid 80s, while the winters reach a low of 43 degrees with hardly any snowfall. The weather is perfect to show what season it is, but not enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk or freeze boiling water instantly. The Sperling comfort index puts Ventura at an 84 out of 100, whereas the rest of the US averages only 54.


Since the weather in Ventura, CA tends to moderate for most of the year, it is always a great place to take a vacation. You can enjoy the brisk winter air, or enjoy a summer's day that is less than 90 degrees. Either way you want to plan your vacation, Ventura has options for your stay. The weather remains nice all year, and you should take advantage of it!

We recommend visiting during the spring and fall times of the year if you wish to experience the best Ventura weather. Then, the springs are extremely green and warm, while the crisp air of autumn brings in a change of colors that will knock your socks off. Ventura is a great location to enjoy your next getaway. Book our vacation rentals in Ventura, CA today!