Captain Jack’s Tours

Captain Jack’s Tours

Traveling somewhere new is always an adventure, but what if you don't know a lot about the area you're visiting? You could do research on the popular activities, but there's still the chance you may miss something that could change your entire getaway! For example, what if your journey to Santa Barbara took place without you ever experiencing a horseback riding and wine tasting tour? Sure, your vacation would continue just as it always had, but is that what you really want? Fortunately, it's not something you will have to consider if you start your California vacation by reserving one of the special tours offered by Captain Jack's Tours in Santa Barbara!

Santa Barbara Excursions You'll Never Forget

As if there isn't already a huge list of things you can be doing during your stay in paradise, the knowledgeable people who run Captain Jack's have come up with more ideas -so many more, you'll probably need to plan a second, third or even fourth trip to Santa Barbara in order to experience them all!

Land tours in Santa Barbara include the aforementioned horseback riding and wine tasting tour, plus other wine tasting tours that take you all over the Santa Barbara wine country. One of our favorite Captain Jack tours is the Distilleries and the Old West tour, which takes guests on a tour of two different distilleries and includes a visit to the Cold Spring Tavern. Once a former 1860s stagecoach stop, today this historic spot serves fresh and organic food and refreshing beverages in a structure filled with elements leftover from its Old West beginnings.

After the wine and whiskey tours have been completed, there are still many landlubber tours to experience, such as a sightseeing tour of Santa Barbara, horseback riding tours without wine, and an adventure that unfolds in a Pirate Ship Escape Room. This last adventure is the least expensive; costing $45 per person, it easily fits into even the tightest of budgets!

But, there's still more! Once the land tours have been completed, it's time to head to the sea. Captain Jack offers six water-based tours that are designed to turn an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experience! From mid-May to sunset cruises to deep sea fishing expeditions, if you can imagine it, Captain Jack has created a tour to enjoy it! You can visit them online at

A Haven of Peace and Comfort

As the sun sets on another perfect day in paradise, coming home each night to one of our peaceful and comfortable Paradise Retreats luxury properties like East Beach Sophisticate, may just be the highlight of your getaway. Reserve one of our Santa Barbara condos today!