All About Santa Barbara Sailing Center

All About Santa Barbara Sailing Center

Sailing in Santa Barbara is a pastime that anyone visitor can get into. There's just something magical about skimming across the water's surface, the sails snapping in the wind and the cool ocean mist dampening your hair and cheeks; once you try it, you will be hooked. Admit it, you're intrigued already, aren't you?

Chartering a Sailing Trip

Chances are you don't have a sailboat with you and you probably don't know how to sail either, but don't let either of those issues stop you. Where there's a will, there's a way, and our way is to charter a sailboat! If you're not interested in learning to sail yourself, why not charter a sunset sail? California sunsets-especially those over the coast of Santa Barbara - are nothing less than spectacular, and when viewed from the deck of a romantic sailing vessel, you'll find yourself wishing it never had to end!

There are plenty of companies that offer sunset sailing cruises, our favorite being Santa Barbara Sailing Center. Their sunset cruise aboard the Double Dolphin lasts about two hours and is the perfect conclusion to a long day of sightseeing. Share a glass of bubbly with your life partner as you sail along the Santa Barbara coastline, catching sight of dolphins, sea lions, and of course, that sunset. It's cool after the sun sets, so make sure you bring a sweater on this sunset cruise you will remember for a lifetime!

Learn to Sail

For those hands-on types, you will never be satisfied unless you have the opportunity to try it yourself, and fortunately for you, sailing lessons are available for your learning enjoyment! Santa Barbara Sailing Center also offers a variety of sailing lesson packets, including ASA Instructional packages, ASA certification courses, and even online classes to refresh knowledge you may already have, as well as a few others. Whatever you need, Santa Barbara Sailing Center has your back! Before long you will be jibbing your sails, ducking to avoid the boom or... oh heck, who are we kidding; our knowledge of sailing terms is limited to portholes and starboard. Obviously, we prefer sunset sails rather than learning to man the boat ourselves!

Book A Vacation Rental & Go Sailing in Santa Barbara!

Book your romantic and luxurious Paradise Retreats vacation home, vacation villa , or a condo today and discover the beauty of sailing in Santa Barbara for yourself!

Double Dolphin Sailing Cruises

The view is better from the water! Our 50ft sailing Catamaran, The Double Dolphin, casts off almost daily for coastal cruises, Music on the Water cruises and more. Her 1400 square feet of deck space and dual-hull construction makes her comfortable, stable & safe. With a 41 passenger capacity we have plenty of room for a large party. On board, you will find beer, wine, champagne, water, sodas, and gourmet snacks. There are two restrooms on board for your convenience. Come and enjoy America's Riviera while sailing alongside an entourage of sea lions, dolphins, whales, and birds. It's a sensational sea story you will tell again and again.

Private Sailing Charter with Captain

Spend a few hours or a whole day aboard our yachts! You pick the yacht size and The Santa Barbara Sailing Center will provide you with a US Coast Guard Certified Captain. Your private group (6 passengers maximum) will experience the fun and magic of sailing along the Santa Barbara pristine coastline. You can simply enjoy the views or feel free to help sail the yacht.

Kayak & Stand-Up Paddle Board Rentals

A kayak or stand-up paddle board gets you up close and personal with the Santa Barbara Harbor area. Head on out to the Sand Spit, circle the sea-lions sunbathing on the buoys, or check out the famous Santa Barbara Wharf. The scenery changes, every day, and with concierge service, you'll paddle and play in style. Choose from group or private guided tours, or head out on your own and explore the beautiful hidden sights of the Santa Barbara coastline.