A Few Great Things to Do in Montecito, California

A Few Great Things to Do in Montecito, California

Another coastal town famous for attracting celebrities is Montecito, located just outside of Los Angeles. Home to luxurious estates overlooking the oceans and mountains, Montecito has been attracting interesting people for years and is famous for being the town where celebrities live! Who knows, maybe you will catch sight of Oprah, Tom Cruise, or even Troy Aikman as you explore the historic streets of Montecito. It truly is a breathtaking place to visit!

Outdoors in Montecito

The hills of Montecito aren't just exotically beautiful backdrops to a town riddled with the rich and famous; they are the place to garner a true appreciation for the beauty of the town. Spend your day hiking the trails that cross the hills, keeping track of the wildlife that crosses your path. With over 15 trails to explore, you could potentially pick a different trail to hike each day. Of course, that would mean you would have to stay at least two weeks, but would that be so bad?

Beach lovers will thrill to spend their time at the many beaches that traverse the city, with Butterfly Beach being a favorite of animal lovers as well. Leashed dogs are welcome here!

Shopping and Dining

If the celebrities love it here, you know the shopping and dining experiences will be beyond exemplary! Chichi clothing boutiques, elegant antique malls, and art galleries stocked with the skilled works of local artists will keep you occupied for hours. Just remember, the prices may be a bit higher than what you are used to, so you may want to bring a couple of extra credit cards!

The restaurants in Montecito are a mixture of casual dining places with patios for people watching and enjoying the perfect weather; be discreet when you look around and this might be where you spot a celebrity or two! The locals are used to them, and they have gotten used to being treated as regular people - so don't make a fuss, but a nod and a smile is ok! Lucky's Steaks/Chops/Seafood on Coast Village Road features the kind of understated elegance the Hollywood types prefer. We're not making any promises, we just thought it was worth mentioning!

A Montecito Vacation With Paradise Retreats Offers Elegance and Star Power!

Book our luxurious Villa de Flores today and discover all these amazing things to do in Montecito, CA and more. Montecito is the kind of town that captures your heart and refuses to let go. This is one vacation spot worth revisiting as often as possible!

Photo By Grandhiking - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18931487

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