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Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is the home of an incredibly rich and multicultural history. Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara is one of the foremost celebrations of that history and the incredible community that has grown as a result. From August 2nd through the 6th of 2017, you can enjoy an entire week filled with events, each more exciting than the last. This is the 92nd year of this tradition and it promises to be the most fun!

This celebration of culture is the most extensive of its kind. It is at this fiesta that you can enjoy more events than at any other. Our Lady of Guadalupe Mercado runs from the 5th to the 7th and is at the heart of the fiesta’s events. This event is special because the wide array of delicious and authentic food items that you can find here. The energy throughout the weekend is palpable, with constant music and dancing to help wash the amazing food down.

If you are looking for the real party from the 5th to the 7th, then stop by Center Court to enjoy Fiesta at Paseo Nuevo. This event is a celebration of the Spanish culture that still comes alive in Santa Barbara. The main event is the endless Flamenco dance performances along with lively music. You can also enjoy rodeo performances, arts and crafts shows and so much more.

There is more to love about the Spanish Days in Santa Barbara celebration than virtually any other event that sweeps through Santa Barbara. A more energetic and lovely celebration of one of the most predominant cultures of the area could not be imagined. Make sure to book a Santa Barbara vacation rental to enjoy this celebration!