Mission Santa Barbara

Mission Santa Barbara

Mission Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara is a place of unparalleled beauty and history. The Mission at Santa Barbara is a wonderful example of this amazing history. The mission is home to one of the most historic churches in all of California, along with breathtaking grounds and many more historic structures. 200 years after the creation of this place, there are so many ways to enjoy the wonders found here. You are guaranteed to have never had an experience quite like the one that awaits you at Mission Santa Barbara.

About the Mission

The mission is found just over a mile to the north of the center of the city. You can find it on a beautiful plot of land among rolling hills where you can enjoy beautiful views of the ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. The mission was founded by the Franciscan order in 1786. The current structures that you can still enjoy today were completed in 1820, making a visit to Mission Santa Barbara, a truly unique one. Reservoirs, aqueducts, and filter houses are a few of the features built by Chumash Indians that speak to some of the amazing technology employed at the mission. There are countless things to enjoy throughout Mission Santa Barbara.

Things to Do

There is no better way to delve into this fascinating mission than by taking one of the many tours offered here. The docent-led tours provide insight into the mission unlike you can find anywhere else. You will get amazing glimpses into the beautiful gardens, historic cemetery, mausoleum, museum and of course the incredible mission church. The museum consists of 9 rooms filled with historic artifacts and artwork, while the garden features mission-era plants. You also have the opportunity to take a self-guided tour through all of the incredible features that await you at the mission. As the mission is nestled in beautiful Santa Barbara landscape, it is the perfect place to have a picnic. You can do this in one of the many gardens or on one of the expansive lawns; there is no wrong place!

You are free to enjoy the mission free of charge and you can enjoy one of these awesome tours for only $4.00 for adults! You will be hard pressed to find a more memorable experience for this unbeatable price. Make sure you include a visit to Mission Santa Barbara in the plans for your next vacation to the beautiful city.