Frequently Asked Questions

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Check-In is 3:00pm.

Check-Out is 10:00am.

As much as we would like to accommodate early Check-Ins and/or late Check-Outs, we have many departments (and individuals) within our company who need the time between reservations to perform essential duties. This includes our Property Services Department, Service Technicians, Housekeepers, Property Administration Department, Property Owners, Property Inspectors, and others. All those individuals schedule their days knowing that Guests will arrive and depart at our standard times.

Altering these known times invariably leads to mix-ups or an embarrassing crossover with unexpected persons at the property. Thought you’d show up early and enjoy a long soak in the bathtub? Oops! Someone is here to change the light bulbs!

All deposits are returned to the Guest within 14 days of your Check-Out date (and usually much faster!).If you pay by E-Check, we will deposit your refund directly to the checking account you used to pay for your reservation.
If you pay by Check or Cash, we will mail you a physical check to the address you provided on your Reservation.
If you pay by Wire Transfer, we will wire transfer your deposit back to you.Upon processing of your security deposit refund, a notification e-mail will be sent to you with the estimated date you will receive the refund.

The cleaning fee represents more than just the cost of the housekeeping service (which is performed by a team of professionals who completely clean a home, and do all the linens, in 4 hours or less).

The cleaning fee also covers the cost and re-stocking of over 45 consumable items provided at the home that ensure convenience for our Guests (ex. cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, fabric softener, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, zip-lock bags, foil, cling wrap, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc.).

In addition, it covers the cost of our professional Property Inspection staff that performs quality control on our housekeeping, and ensures that the home is in excellent condition for the next Guest’s arrival.

The cleaning fee is not negotiable. We have professional cleaners, who are required to clean after every guest. This ensures that every guest arrives to a professionally cleaned home.

Each reservation requires the purchase of an Accidental Property Damage Waiver. The Damage Waiver, which is not insurance, covers qualified damages to the rental Premises, provided the damage was not intentional, and was not the result of any illegal or prohibited use of the rental Premises.

There are 3 levels of Damage Waivers. The cost and coverage of a Damage Waiver is based on each property’s value and furnishings.

$100 Damage Waiver covers up to $2,000 in accidental property damages

$200 Damage Waiver covers up to $4,000 in accidental property damages

$300 Damage Waiver covers up to $6,000 in accidental property damages

Please CLICK HERE to view the details of our Property Damage Waiver Contract

Guest submits a Reservation Request using one of these methods:
From an e-mail Quote sent by us as a response to an Inquiry:
Click the “Click to Book Now” button on the Quote to submit a Reservation Request.
From the property listing on the Paradise Retreats’ website:
By calling our office and making a reservation with our Reservation Specialist staff
Paradise Retreats receives and reviews the Reservation Request.
Paradise Retreats approves the Reservation Request, and sends the Guest the Reservation Agreement e-mail
Guest completes the document:
Electronically signs and submits the Reservation Agreement
Paradise Retreats receives the signed Reservation Agreement, processes the Initial Payment Due, and confirms the reservation
Paradise Retreats e-mails to Guest the reservation confirmation & the payment confirmation
The address of the property is included in these confirmation e-mails

An E-Check Payment is like sending us a regular check in the mail, but instead of sending it in the mail, you submit your bank account number and routing number into a safe and secure form through our website. Submission of this secure form gives us approval to deduct the payment directly from your checking account.

Reservation cancellations result in the loss of the 25% Reservation Fee that was paid by a Guest to confirm the reservation.

Paid-In-Full Reservations:

Cancellations that are made prior to 60 days of the Arrival date:

Paradise Retreats will refund the Rental Fee, Booking Fee, Taxes, Damage Waiver fee, Cleaning Fee(s), and Pool Heating Fee (if applicable)
Guest will forfeit the 25% Reservation Fee.

Cancellations that are made within 60 days of the Arrival date:

Paradise Retreats will refund the Cleaning Fee(s), and Pool Heating Fee (if applicable)
Guest will forfeit all other fees.

Paradise Retreats recommends the purchase of Travel Insurance to mitigate unforeseen cancellation and loss of payments.

The Booking Fee is a required fee which helps us cover the cost of processing your reservation payments, and also covers the cost of our Reservation Specialist team who are available 7-days a week to assist our valued Guests.




Unfortunately, no. Our homes are pet-free for future guests (or owners) who may have fur or dander allergies.

If you are staying for a month or more, some homeowners may consider a pet with an extra deposit, but it is on a case-by-case basis.

If you bring your pet without permission, you will lose your security deposit!

These are private homes and not public areas.

Private homeowners are not required by the ADA to allow pets.

Yes, the spa is heated. There is no additional charge for spa heating

Pools with heaters are heated to approximately 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yes, the fee for heating the pool is $50/ day.

Each property’s Amenities page will indicate if a property has air conditioning.

Most homes in the Santa Barbara area do not have air conditioning. The year-round temperate climate and cool ocean breezes generally keep everyone comfortable. Electric fans are provided at our properties and, along with open windows, are usually sufficient to cool a house.

However, we have times each year when air-conditioning is a welcome amenity. For Summer & Early Fall reservations, if you are concerned about it being uncomfortably hot, we recommend choosing a property with A/C.

Paradise Retreats cannot be responsible if a Guest decides to commit to a property with no A/C, and then, due to extreme weather, needs A/C during their stay.

Yes, each home has WiFi Internet available.

Wired connections are also available if listed on the Amenities list for a property.

It is not our policy to show properties to prospective Guests.

Our website provides extensive information for each of our homes. Please be sure to carefully read each of the detailed property pages; those pages should answer any questions. If the website does not provide adequate information, please call us and we will give honest & informed responses to any questions (or concerns) about a property.

Although not guaranteed to be available, Guests staying a month or more may request a preview. For those Guests, we can arrange a showing based on vacancy of the home, and availability of staff.

For the security of the homes and our Guests, we do not give out the address until you have booked and paid for your reservation. You will receive the address as part of your booking confirmation information.

One week prior to your arrival, we will email you the property address, along with detailed directions & property access instructions.

Although you may have received the property address as part of your reservation confirmation, you are requested to not drive by the home prior to your stay.

The reason for this is current Guests (and property owners) have been disturbed by “drive-by” guests who loiter on the street and analyze the home. We have even had situations where prospective Guests have parked their car and knocked on the door of the property asking to have a look around!

For these reasons, we request that Guests never do “drive-bys” at our properties.

Children over the age of 1-year count towards the maximum number of overnight guests allowed on your Reservation Agreement.

We discourage the use of portable beds and sleeping bags.

Although a property may have rooms to accommodate more overnight guests than advertised, our Property Owners have the right to limit the maximum number of Overnight Guests allowed at the property.

We are contractually obliged to honor the limits set by our Property Owners.

We do not currently have any properties that are available for events.

An important part of our business model is respecting our neighbors’ right to privacy, and the quiet enjoyment of their own home.

For this reason, we ask that you limit noise outside after 9pm. This includes amplified music, loud talking/conversations, etc.


Guest Resources


Each home has a Guest Information Guide with a list of favorite local and nearby spots.

Feel free to call us, too, to get ideas of local cuisine, shopping, and other fun activities! We are local, located in downtown Santa Barbara, so we definitely know the area and are happy to suggest our favorite eateries, shops, etc.

We have excellent private chefs whom we recommend.

Please use the “Guest Resources” tab on our website, and review the “Private Chef / Catering” section. Each chef is vetted and will provide an excellent experience. Click the link for each service, and contact them directly to set up your personal dining experience.

Each home has a Guest Information Book with a list of nearby grocery stores and other local shops, etc.