Vacation Rentals by Amenities

What makes vacation rentals so much better than hotels? Well, besides the extra privacy and better deal, it’s the amenities! What’s the thing you just can’t do without? Perhaps high-speed internet to make sure you can brag to your friends about the great time you’re having? A spa where you can enjoy the Santa Barbara weather? A pool for recreation and exercise? Whatever feature you want most in our Santa Barbara vacation rentals, here’s where you can make that the priority. Rather than sort by location, type, or number of bedrooms, this page lets you focus on a particular attribute and narrow down your search that way.

Beach Houses for Rent with Spas are exactly what they sound like. With these Santa Barbara rental homes, you can run out to the waves all day, and then return home to the spa; have the heated jets take off all the saltwater while the bubbles work out the knots from swimming. Just remember your swimsuit!

Our Santa Barbara Beach Houses with Pools are perfect for those who love the water. You can enjoy the privacy of your own pool while still loving the view of the ocean and the sound of the waves.

If you’re not looking to stay too long, browse out Santa Barbara Weekly Rentals. A week is a great length to visit for—long enough to see and do everything you really wanted to right before the homesickness sets in!

Our Summerland Beachfront and Ventura Beach vacation rentals showcase our rental homes in nearby towns. Even without the nationally-recognized name Santa Barbara, they still enjoy the beautiful weather and ocean views, as well as the top-quality Paradise Retreat management. Santa Barbara rental homes are calling your name!