Point Hueneme Lighthouse Santa Barbara

Lighthouses are a beautiful and fascinating sight to behold. Each one is distinct in their design, and thePoint Hueneme Lighthouse is no exception. It stands tall on the Santa Barbara Channel at the Port of Hueneme and guided ships with a fourth order Fresnel lens until its retirement and preservation in 2013. It is now showcased on the lower level of the lighthouse. Whether you take the time to stop by for a tour or just a stunning photo op, you’ll be glad you didn’t miss out on this striking piece of architecture.

Historical Significance

The Point Hueneme Lighthouse was first erected in 1874 and designed in a Swiss-Elizabethan architectural style. The 48-foot white square Art Deco tower that is currently standing is the finished product of a rebuild that took place in 1940 after the original lighthouse was torn down due to neglect. It is still in use today, emitting a flashing light that reaches out 20 nautical miles.

What to Do During Your Visit

If you time your visit just right, a tour of the Point Hueneme Lighthouse in CA may very well be the highlight of your trip. The lighthouse is open to tours and climbers on the third Saturday of every month from 10AM-3PM, and admission is free. There is a pleasant half-mile walk along a beachfront pedestrian promenade that will take you from the street parking directly to the lighthouse gate.

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By Thomas from USA – Point Hueneme Lighhouse, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6746906