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The Easton Gallery – Top Santa Barbara Art Galleries

Anyone who visits the coastal town of Montecito, located in Santa Barbara County, can see that it boasts some of the best views that Southern California has to offer. Uniquely celebrating the stunning views of the area, The Easton Gallery highlights works from local contemporary artists and specializes in landscape paintings. Those who want to see beautiful interpretations of the area’s natural landscape will certainly want to visit The Easton Gallery.

Visit the Gallery

Located just outside Montecito in the neighboring town of Santa Barbara, The Easton Gallery can easily be accessed from Highway 192. The gallery is open on Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm, and other times by appointment.

Mission of The Easton Gallery

There are as many types of museums and galleries in the world as there are types of artworks. Some museums intend to be encyclopedic, as in, they want to collect examples of all types of art from all part of the world, time periods, and mediums. However, most museums and galleries must choose a specialty and narrow down their focus to allow for a fluid transition between the pieces that are exhibited. The Easton Gallery is one of these spaces. Since 1990, they are supremely devoted to local, contemporary landscape artists of the Santa Barbara County area. The Easton Gallery celebrates artists that see the gorgeous scenery of the area each day and interpret it for themselves. Each artist puts their individual perspective into their paintings, making each exhibit a new delight.


Since The Easton Gallery is one of the smaller art galleries in Santa Barbara, they only display one exhibition at a time. This allows for a very intimate experience with the artwork, and takes these large landscapes and makes them feel personal. Recent exhibitions include a show of Arturo Tello’s paintings, called Prayers of Gratitude, and Abigail Zimmerman Bordigioni’s exhibition, titled “Scenes of the West Coast.” Also, as many of the artists live locally, there is often a lecture on the exhibition, which allows the public to hear the artists discuss their works and ask questions.

Quaint Art Space

For those looking for an intimate art space that celebrates local artists, The Easton Gallery is truly the place to visit. The artwork displayed here is specific to the Santa Barbara area and won’t be found anywhere else. Don’t miss out on your chance to visit one of the best local Santa Barbara art galleries!