Fun Things to Do in Solvang, California

Fun Things to Do in Solvang, California

Although Santa Barbara is the town many think of when they imagine taking a West Coast vacation, there are many cities and villages in the area that offer the same vacation experience, but add a little extra small-town charm. Solvang, located just a short 40-minute drive from Santa Barbara, is one of those towns! Often incorrectly referred to as the Dutch Town of California, many people would be surprised that Solvang is of Danish heritage, and the quirky icons found throughout the town are symbols of the Danes; yes, even the five windmills and the big red clog found in the area are Danish.

Outdoor Activities

With to weather as beautiful as it is here, outdoor activities are popular ones and visitors to Solvang enjoy the variety our town offers. Explore Solvang by Segway, or the surrounding hills by jeep tours. Hike through national forests, bike your way around town, or visit Ostrichland and laugh at antics of our big, clumsy, and flightless birds. to Horseback riding is another popular outdoor activity, one that is especially wonderful when conducted at sunset.

Indoor fun

If less strenuous to activities are your thing, try wine tasting at one of the 18 wine tasting rooms or a tour of the 120 vineyards in the vicinity. Did you know that the Oscar winning movie “Sideways” was shot entirely on location right here in Solvang? The Solvang Brewing Company, located inside a renovated (Danish!) windmill offers tastings of both beer and wine, so the beer lovers in your family don’t have to miss out!

Family Friendly

Solvang cherishes family and proves it with a long list of family-friendly activities you can participate in on your fun-filled Solvang vacation. Start out with a 25-minute tour of the city in a wooden street car pulled by two powerful and strikingly handsome draft horses. The Solvang Trolley ride will thrill your children as it educates you on the best places to see in our beloved village. One of our favorite things to do in Solvang, CA, is take a visit to Solvang Park, the perfect location for picnics and strolls as well as to catch a free movie, all summer long!

Photo By Peter Merholz from Berkeley, CA, United States – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,