The Finch and Fork – Undoubtedly One of the Best Restaurants in Santa Barbara

The owners of Finch and Fork not only consider their restaurant one of the best restaurants in Santa Barbara, but that claim it features Santa Barbara on a plate! Finch and Fork serve clean and simple California cuisine that showcases the bounty of Santa Barbara County and the effortless and relaxed elegance of the “Best Coast.” The restaurant invites you in with the décor and makes you feel relaxed immediately. Make sure you try Santa Barbara on a plate and eat at the Finch and Fork during your Santa Barbara vacation.

The Restaurant

The first thing you experience when you enter the Finch and Fork is the dark wood that will invite you into the restaurant. The décor reminds you of a rustic past that feels very comfortable. The dark wood paneled setting is pure classic California and that is what Executive Chef James Siao wants you to feel when you eat his food. The food is classic California with a modern twist. The Finch and Fork keep a simple motto: Fresh. Simple. Local. They use all-natural ingredients in their cooking with locally farmed vegetables and other fresh, local ingredients.

The Food

Chef Siao describes the food as a playful nostalgic homage to timeless American dishes, but with a modern twist. This modern twist can be seen throughout the menu, but starts most famously with their spiked milkshakes. These very classic American designs are all spiked with your favorite liquors and spirits to create an adult flair on your favorite childhood beverage. Then we move on to the deviled eggs. The recipe you grew up on gets a kick up a notch to include smoked trout, pickled shallot, and olive relish for a more modern take. Then we look at the backed mac and cheese that includes aged cheddar, bacon, and breadcrumbs for a nice crust. These are all creations out of the mind of an innovative head chef drawing on the classics of American cuisine.

The Drinks

The drinks are all hand crafted and feature some really new age twists on classics, much like the food menu. The Finch and Fork pride themselves on house specialty drinks that are amazing and pair well with the food out of Chef Siao’s kitchen. Since they also lie in wine country, the Finch and Fork also features a wide range of different wines that are both from the Santa Barbara area and around the world that pair well with their amazing food options.

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