Arigato Sushi – The Best of Santa Barbara’s Seafood Restaurants

The coast of California is well known for its great fresh seafood. There are all types of fish caught every day and they seafood is just a step above anywhere else. These fresh ingredients take almost all the other Santa Barbara seafood restaurants up a notch that operate close to the California coast. There is not another style or food category that benefits more from this fresh supply than California sushi restaurants. This rings especially true for Santa Barbara’s Arigato Sushi, who bring the best sushi to the California coast.

About the Restaurant

Arigato Sushi was opened with one goal in mind: take the fresh fish caught off the coast and create the perfect sushi for their guests. The chefs at Arigato have taken the art of sushi making down to a science to produce the best sushi around for their guests on a consistent basis. The well-trained chefs are masters of sushi making and are able to craft almost any type of sushi roll that you can imagine. They make the sushi fresh daily and package them up for customers who are on the go. Arigato is the best place to grab a quick bite and continue on with your vacation.

The Food

Arigato specializes in the fast pace market that Santa Barbara needs. This means the chefs make fresh sushi daily and package them up for customers who need a good meal quickly. Don’t let the quick nature of the business fool you, the chefs only use quality ingredients and fresh fish to craft their sushi concoctions. The owners are constantly providing the chefs with world class ingredients to deliver your favorite sushi rolls and even innovate and create new options. Whether it be classics like the California Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll, or more innovative creations like the White Dragon Roll, the chefs at Arigato Sushi will deliver a great product.

If you are interested the need for a quick lunch and interested in checking out one of Santa Barbara’s seafood restaurants, make sure you give Arigato Sushi a try. We know about the stigma of pre-packaged sushi, but trust us, Arigato Sushi is far from those stale pre-packaged knock offs that produce a low-quality product. This is premium grade sushi at a good price that is perfect for a quick meal on the go. You would be foolish not to give Arigato Sushi a try!