Santa Barbara Triathlon

Prepare for one of Santa Barbara’s most exciting races throughout the year with the Santa Barbara Triathlon. This test of human endurance is a thrill to watch as participants gather their strength to take on miles of swimming, running, and biking. This annual event always draws in excitement from all over the city as it gears up for the biggest race of the year in Southern California. You will not find a more thrilling test of the human spirit, and a better outdoor activity in Santa Barbara, than with the Santa Barbara Triathlon.

This Year’s Santa Barbara Triathlon

Unfortunately, due to the heavy wild fire and mudslide activity across Southern California, this year’s Santa Barbara Triathlon has been cancelled. Many of the area’s bike routes and bridges were damaged during January’s tragic natural disaster event. Every effort was made to find alternative routes but to no avail. The 2019 Santa Barbara Triathlon is seeing more community support than ever as everyone is eager to participate and cheer on the dedicated athletes in the area.

If you have already purchased tickets to the race, you can contact organizers for refunds. Additional information about next year’s exciting race will be available shortly in the coming weeks so keep checking their website to learn more about the 2019 Santa Barbara Triathlon.

Planning Your Stay

Just because this year’s race is cancelled does not mean you cannot enjoy a wonderful weekend of outdoor activities in Santa Barbara. Contact one of our rental experts to help you find the perfect vacation rental for your stay. Our luxury rentals offer incredible amenities and stylish furnishings that no other rental service can provide. Start planning for the 2019 Santa Barbara Triathlon early so you can find the finest of rentals we provide. Let Paradise Rentals take care of your Santa Barbara vacation lodging today!