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Paradise Retreats
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Paradise Retreats’ mission is to provide our Guests with exceptional vacation experiences.  We understand that COVID-19 has caused legitimate concern by Guests about their health & safety during their stay.

To ensure that our properties are safe for our Guests, we have developed the following policies & procedures to minimize risks to our Guests caused by COVID-19.


  • Property Cleaning & Sterilization Procedures
  • Safety Guidelines & Supplies Provided to Guests
  • Policies to Minimize Staff Interaction with Guests

(Updated April 30, 2020)


Property Cleaning & Sterilization Procedures

We provide the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hygiene & safety guidelines to every staff member.

Using the guidelines & recommendations from the CDC, we have updated our cleaning & disinfecting checklist for housekeepers and staff. Upon request, this comprehensive, detailed, and lengthy(!) checklist will be provided to Guests.

We have implemented the “Follow the Wall” cleaning method to ensure all areas of the properties are disinfected & sanitized. Special attention is given to frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, railings, switches, appliances, remote control units, etc.

We use CDC-recommended cleaning solutions & disinfectants. We ensure that housekeepers are trained on how to use these products to ensure maximum effectiveness.

All linens are washed in the highest temperature water available with either a bleach cleaning solution, or an EPA/CDC recommended sanitizing solution.

All staff are provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used anytime they access a property. This includes (but is not limited to) hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, masks, eye protection, disinfecting solution, and microfiber towels (which help remove additional microbes from surfaces).

We have put procedures in place to minimize physical contact between guests, staff, and other individuals.

We have implemented procedures to maximize the “vacancy gap” between the departure of guests & Paradise Retreats’ staff and the arrival of new guests.


Safety Guidelines & Supplies Provided to Guests

We e-mail arriving guests the CDC recommended hygiene & safety guidelines


Each property is stocked with the following items for Guests’ use:

Masks (when supplies are available)

Hand Sanitizer (when supplies are available)

Cleaning Supplies

Personal hygiene Items (Soaps, Shampoos, Conditioners)


Policies to Minimize Staff Interaction with Guests:

Late check-outs & early check-ins shall be prohibited during the COVID-19 crisis. This policy ensures that our housekeeping staff has adequate time to perform thorough cleaning & sanitizing of each property.

Our “Meet & Greets” (property orientations with arriving guests) will no longer be conducted in person. We will schedule the Meet & Greets to coordinate with Guests arrival at the property, and they will be conducted remotely using Facetime, Zoom, etc.

Non-emergency property maintenance & repair projects will not be performed during Guest stays . Emergency repair projects will be coordinated with Guests to minimize (or eliminate) staff contact with Guests.

Mid-Stay Cleanings (aka Daily Cleanings) will be coordinated with Guests to minimize (or eliminate) staff contact with Guests. Upon request (& only for reservations of less than 30 nights), mid-stay cleaning(s) may be cancelled, and the fee(s) paid for the mid-stay cleaning(s) will be applied towards the increased housekeeping costs incurred during the post check-out cleaning.