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The grace period is over. Summer has officially arrived all over the world! Planning a vacation during the hot and muggy months of summer can often be an experience you wish could have taken place in the cooler months, but when you plan a Santa Barbara vacation, you’re guaranteed an awesome time, no matter what the temperatures are outside! It doesn’t hurt, however, that summer in Santa Barbara is temperate and even cool, but on those days when the red line does climb over the 85 degree mark, these will be the best things to do in Santa Barbara to keep you cool and happy!

Head to the Beach

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the water is perfect at the beaches of Santa Barbara, beaches that are the most beautiful in the world. Can you give us any reason why you shouldn’t spend a day or two enjoying the cool sensation of ocean water against lightly tanned skin? We didn’t think so, and if you’re feeling the burn of abnormally high temperatures, there’s nothing cooler!

Visit a Museum

The history of Santa Barbara is a rich and compelling one, and getting a peek into our past with a museum tour is one of our favorite ways to kill some hours on a hot summer afternoon. The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History lets you explore our natural side and if art is more your thing, The Museum of Contemporary Art will keep you enthralled for hours!

Grab a Beer

Cold beer and a hot summer day goes together like peanut butter and jelly; each are fine on their own, but mix them together and you create something magical! The Lama Dog Tap Room & Bottle Shop is our current favorite, but every brewery in the area has something special to offer, so if you’re out and about and happen to see one that piques your interest, go ahead and check it out!

Rent a Paradise Retreats Home with a Pool

Nothing beats a swim under the stars, and if you have rented one of our homes with pools, you can enjoy their cool comforts ANY time of the day. Greet the morning with a splash or say farewell to the day with a quiet float as the stars twinkle overhead; there’s never a wrong time to take a dip when the pool is in your own backyard!

Rent Your Own Piece of Paradise Today!

The best vacations can be made better with the right vacation homes. Reserve yours today with Paradise Retreats and discover the difference!

One of the best things about living in Santa Barbara is practically having summer temps year-round, and because those temps range between the high 60s and the high 70s, our visitors never have to worry about being too hot or too cold. Our weather is perfect, and when you’re planning a large group event—be it a family reunion, a college reunion, or a special destination wedding—Santa Barbara and our Paradise Retreats vacation escapes are where your thoughts should turn! And because you and your guests probably won’t want to stay home the entire trip, we’ve compiled this list of the best Santa Barbara summer activities for your entire group!

Horseback Riding, Captain Jack’s Tours & Events

Captain Jack’s is the go-to tour group for any group tours of Santa Barbara, but for a truly Western experience, their horseback tours are unbeatable! For an hour and a half your group can experience the wonders of waterfalls, the majesty of the mountains, and breathtaking beauty of the ocean from atop a glorious steed. If you do nothing else during your stay in Santa Barbara, the group horseback ride from Captain Jack’s should not be missed! Kids 7 and over are invited to take in the tour as well!

Grapeline Wine Tours

Personally, we couldn’t imagine a better way to experience the beauty of Santa Barbara than by wine tour—Grapeline Wine Tours, to be exact! Offering a variety of tours of the best vineyards in Santa Barbara, this activity is for the 21 and over crowd only, but don’t worry; there’s plenty of other activities that your littles can take part in! This adventure is perfect for a bachelorette party weekend or your sorority reunion!

Whale Watching Cruises, Condor Express

If you have never had the breathtaking experience of watching a whale break through the waves, this trip to Santa Barbara is where it all changes! Condor Express offers summer tours lasting 4.5 hours that take you to where the humpback and blue whales are known to congregate; you might get to watch some dolphins frolicking as well! Perfect for kids of ALL ages, the memories made in the waters of the Pacific Ocean will last a lifetime.

Santa Barbara Summer Activities

To be perfectly honest, our Paradise Retreats vacation escapes are designed to be a vacation experience you will want to never end. Spend hours by the pool, play a game of charades in front of a roaring fire on a chilly summer night, or create a gourmet meal in an outdoor kitchen as you laugh, talk, and soak in the beauty of another Santa Barbara night. The options for fun for your entire group are endless. Contact us today to reserve your vacation rental and start making memories this summer when you enjoy Santa Barbara summer activities!