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As the hot months of summer roll around, thousands of people are making their plans to visit Santa Barbara to seek refuge from the heat. Among beautiful beaches and exciting establishments, you will find countless ways to stay cool this summer. Here are some Santa Barbara summer activities that are sure to keep you comfortable while providing a great time in this amazing city.

Visit Santa Claus Beach

Because you will find endless stretches of beautiful beach, this category could be more generally summed up by saying, “visit any beach.” But still, Santa Claus Beach is a unique one that everyone should visit at some point. Unlike many of the most popular beaches in Santa Barbara, Santa Claus Beach offers great seclusion and peace. It is just down the coast from the heart of the city in a little beach town called Carpinteria. Once you find yourself here, there are countless ways to spend a day enjoying the refreshing ocean breezes and cool waters.

Explore a Museum

Santa Barbara is not simply a beautiful place, but an old city that is home to an incredible history and a resultant vibrant culture. One of the ways to stay cool this summer while exploring these elements is by visiting one of the city’s amazing museum’s. You will find a museum focusing on practically every subject imaginable focused on life in this coastal city. Visit the Carriage and Western Art Museum for something truly unique.


Any vacation destination would not be complete without a wide range of dining options. Santa Barbara does not disappoint in this regard with amazing eateries focusing on every type of cuisine you can think of. The mixture of great food, ambiance, and amazing views makes for a relaxing Santa Barbara activity that is sure to cool anyone off. Downtown Santa Barbara and alongside the harbor are great places to find some of Santa Barbara’s most popular restaurants and bars.


Santa Barbara has become somewhat of a mecca of shopping over the years. Throughout the charming city streets of downtown and the quieter nooks of some of the little beach villages around offer everything from national brands to local artisans. Whether you are looking for something in particular or you just want to explore some of the most diverse shops you will find anywhere, you will find a fun day and cool day shopping Santa Barbara.

Visit Wine Country

For a day spent away from the beach among the beautiful sites and cool breezes of the Santa Ynez Mountains, you can explore one of California’s best wine valleys. You can pick one winery and spend the day or organize a tour of the entire valley. Whatever you choose to do, it is sure to be a lovely day spent cooling off.

Great Santa Barbara Summer Activities to Enjoy from Our Rental Properties

While the summer in Santa Barbara is certainly not unbearable, it is always good to have a few ideas regarding staying cool on vacation. This is a good list but there is plenty more to keep you busy and keep you cool.

Although Santa Barbara is known for its amazing weather, it can get a bit hot during the summer due to the relentless sunshine that the area enjoys. Lucky for visitors, the fun does not have to stop when the temperature goes up! There are numerous ways to enjoy this beautiful area that serve to keep you cool as well as provide a relaxing day. Here are the 5 best Santa Barbara CA activities to stay cool during your next Santa Barbara vacation without spoiling the fun.

Go to the Beach & Enjoy Fun Santa Barbara, CA Activities

This is the most intuitive way to stay cool in Santa Barbara. It is not a hard decision to make, as Santa Barbara is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in all of California. Soak up some rays or play some games on the beach and then get comfortable in the cool, clear waters of Santa Barbara. These beautiful beaches will keep you busy all day. Perhaps the best part of this activity is that it is free!

Enjoy the Wine Tasting Rooms Downtown

Santa Barbara is well known for its amazing wine country. Although it may be just a little hot to travel from winery to winery and walk the vineyards, there is plenty of wine to taste in downtown Santa Barbara. There are also many services that provide tours of some of the best tasting rooms, so you don’t have to worry about commuting between rooms.

Have a Kayaking Adventure

There are numerous opportunities for kayaking in and around Santa Barbara, but some of the best experiences await you just off the coast of Santa Barbara at Channel Islands National Park. Channel Islands Outfitters provides kayaking tours of the volcanic sea caves that cover this area. You will see amazing beauty and learn a little bit about the natural history of this area from trained tour guides. You can spend the whole day out here for only $144.

Take an Air Charter Tour of the Area

To spend a few hours of your day high above the beautiful Santa Barbara Landscape is a great way to avoid the hottest part of the day without missing out on the outdoors. There are numerous companies that will take you on an aerial tour of the area so you can witness the beauty that surrounds as never before. There are options for both helicopter and plane tours that range from around $150 to around $250.

Boat Charters

There is no better way to stay cool than by cruising through the water on a boat. The ocean’s spray and the cool wind make this an enjoyable escape from the heat. You can charter all kinds of boats from sailboats to speedboats, so you can really make this experience your own.

The heat is sure to not be a huge factor in Santa Barbara, but there are nonetheless ways to avoid it entirely with a wide variety of fun Santa Barbara CA activities. Regardless of the time of year, make your next vacation a Santa Barbara vacation!