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As the temperatures drop and the days grow shorter, people all over the world tend to start experiencing certain food cravings—meals like mom’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes, grandma’s fried chicken, or even that hearty chili we found that recipe for online. And even though Santa Barbara doesn’t experience the bone-chilling cold of your hometown, we do have our fair share of lovely rainy days in the later winter months, days that are perfect for enjoying the meals that bring us comfort as they fill our stomachs. Here are some of our favorite Santa Barbara restaurants offering the winter meals we love so much—enjoy!

Santa Barbara Restaurants – The Shop Kitchen, 730 North Milpas Street

Mm, breakfast! Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets us out of bed in the mornings, and on those days we are planning to visit the Shop Kitchen, you’ll find us hopping out right away with no complaints! Specializing in that rich, dark drink that our world revolves around and offering comfort foods with a gourmet twist, your most important meal of the day will go very right when you start out here! The Tugboat, an eggs benedict made of grilled buttermilk biscuits and topped with avocados, eggs, a delicious smoked hollandaise sauce, and your choice of meat (Hint: try the fried chicken!) will change the way you look at breakfast foods forevermore!

The Blue Owl, 5 W Canon Perdido Street

As you explore the wonders of Santa Barbara in the winter, you can plan on expending a lot of energy, so don’t be surprised when your midday hunger pangs turn into a full-fledged roar to be fed IMMEDIATELY! The Blue Owl is where we often find ourselves on extra-hungry days, and nothing fills us up more quickly than their overstuffed sandwiches filled with goodies of all kinds! And because they recognize that vegetarians have their own comfort foods as well, their vegetarian offerings are so tasty and filling, even the carnivores in your family will be tempted to try them! This is one of the best Santa Barbara restaurants.

Carlito’s Café y Cantina, 1324 State Street

Comfort foods are different for everyone who seeks them out, and in the Southwest, we gravitate towards the foods created south of the border. Mexican food warms our stomachs and souls, and Carlito’s has been a Santa Barbara tradition since 1978. Serving up authentic Mexican-style delicacies that just make our hearts smile, your winter food cravings are bound to be sated with a visit here! If you love Mexican food, you will enjoy Carlito’s Cafe y Cantina the most from all of the Santa Barbara restaurants.

Paradise is the Right Choice

Our Paradise Retreats vacation escapes are the perfect choice for those seeking comfort and style. Spacious, bright, and designed for families to live in, they are an integral part of your Santa Barbara experience. Reserve yours today!

Santa Barbara attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every single year. While endless activities in the perfect weather is a big reason for this, much of the tourists come simply because Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. This being the case, you do not have to do much of anything in order to enjoy a vacation here, as finding a nice place to relax and take in the beauty is sure to provide for some awesome memories. The following are a couple of the best places to do just that.

The Santa Barbara Courthouse

In the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, you will find one of the best examples of the gorgeous Spanish-Moorish architecture that characterized the life of this city. While the courthouse itself is incredibly beautiful, it hardly compares to the beauty that visitors can drink in from the top of the Mirador Clocktower. When you reach the top, you can enjoy sweeping views of the ocean as well as the entire city as it creeps up towards the towering mountain range to the north. You will never forget the scene that you will find here at the corner of Santa Barbara Street and Anapamu Street.

The Santa Barbara Harbor

You will find incredible beauty and peace at the Santa Barbara Harbor. Watch as boats silently slip in and out of the harbor, with towering mountains in the distance on one side and the endless aesthetic of the ocean on the other. There are plenty of restaurants and happy hour places that provide the perfect setting to take in this beauty, whether you are enjoying the sunset or the sunrise. Find the harbor about a half mile to the west of the famous attraction in Stearns Wharf.

Hendry’s Beach

When you combine the gorgeous views and fresh air that you can only find at the beach, you have one of the best places to enjoy a beautiful landscape. Hendry’s Beach provides the best place to soak in Santa Barbara’s beauty. By taking a very short and easy hike parallel to Cliff Dr., you will find some of the most beautiful, panoramic views of the ocean and the city of Santa Barbara. Find it to the east of the city near Cliff Drive and Las Positas Road.

While you can find a lovely view in practically any place throughout the city, the places described here offer the very best that the city has to offer. Travel to Santa Barbara and experience beauty that you can only find here.