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As crazy as it seems, 2020 is finally coming to an end. COVID-19 has thrown travel plans throughout the year into disarray. However, everything is getting better and travel restrictions have finally been lifted. The holidays are almost here, so there is no better time to plan ahead for your Thanksgiving weekend. This November holiday is about spending time with the family and a mouthwatering feast to go with it. If you are looking for the perfect Thanksgiving destination this year, look no further than Santa Barbara. This California destination is the perfect location to escape reality and enjoy some time away. The city is known for its beautiful Spanish architecture and close proximity to the beach. What makes staying in Santa Barbara even better for the holidays is our exclusive selection of vacation rentals. We offer the best properties in and around the area for you to choose from when celebrating Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara.

More Properties to Choose From

No competitor can even come close when it comes to our selection of vacation rentals. Each property is privately owned and offers luxury amenities to keep you comfortable all stay long. You can choose from cute cottages that are the perfect escape for young couples. Or reserve a larger Victorian-style home that can comfortably keep the entire family together under a single roof. You will find all the necessary amenities such as fresh linens, flat-screen TVs, complimentary Wi-Fi access, and so much more. No more kids complaining that there is nothing to do! Of course, since this is California, you can enjoy the crisp yet still comfortable weather in November on the patio deck. Now that is plenty to choose from!

Preparing Your Feast for Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara

Now let’s get to the real reason you are here, the Thanksgiving feast! Ask anyone in your family what they are looking forward to the most and we guarantee they will say it is all about the food. Our vacation rentals are the perfect home away from home. As mentioned, they are full of all the amenities but also the rooms too. Each room is incredibly spacious with open floor plans in most properties. This includes the necessary kitchen where you can whip up the desired feast. The kitchens are stocked with all the utensils and dishware you need for the meal. They also include full-size appliances that have plenty of room for the turkey and a side or two. You will be able to comfortably cook up the entire meal in this single room. Once the feast is prepared make sure the dining area is properly set before you dig in. We can smell the turkey already!

Local Restaurants Too

Santa Barbara is also known for having some incredible restaurants in the area. While COVID has made dining out more difficult most of these restaurants have started offering curbside service when it previously was not available. Fine dining favorites including Bouchon Santa Barbara and Holdren’s Steaks & Seafood will be offering their holiday meals to go. That’s right, you can pick up your favorite holiday entrees and have a giant feast back at your vacation rental. There are plenty of different cuisines available throughout the city letting you break the mold of tradition and try something new. Don’t forget the bottle of wine or two!

Plenty of Seasonal Activities

Indulging yourself in a huge feast is not all there is to celebrating Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara. The area has been known to showcase incredible holiday events year after year. Unfortunately, COVID has made most large events unavailable this year but that does not mean the fun stops there. Instead, try out some smaller activities during your stay. Santa Barbara is home to an abundance of pumpkin patches where you can pick and choose your favorite. These local farms also usually have other activities for the kids too. Head just outside the city limits and check out the incredible vintages at the local wineries. The fall season is prime time for winemaking and the tourist traffic is at a low. Grab a light sweater and head to the beach for beautiful ocean views. While it might be a bit too chilly to jump in the water it is the perfect time to have a comfortable walk during the day. No matter how you celebrate your downtime during your holiday weekend it will be spent with loved ones.

Thanksgiving Is Just Around the Corner

There is no time like the present to get ready for your Thanksgiving journey to Santa Barbara. Take a look at our vacation rentals and see which one calls out to you. A Thanksgiving getaway to Santa Barbara is just the thing you need to finish off 2020.

There’s nothing cozier when November is drawing to a close than a trip to one of the loveliest areas along the entire Pacific coastline. California in the late fall is a gorgeous landscape, and there’s so much to do this time of year! Spending your Santa Barbara Thanksgiving with us is a brilliant idea. Let us share with you some of the things we’re most excited for this year.


Visit the Santa Barbara Night Market on your first night in town. This is a treat and a half for anyone in town between November 23rd and January 6th. It’s a European-style Christmas night market where you’ll be able to see arts and crafts from talented creators, holiday-themed decor, live music for everyone to enjoy, food and drinks, and sometimes even carolers. This market is only open Monday through Wednesday, 4pm – 10pm, so make sure to go while you can!

Thursday – Thanksgiving Day!

Participate in the Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Smash at the Santa Barbara Zoo, happening at 10am! The zookeepers are going to be giving the animals pumpkins and letting chaos ensue! It’s going to be wild, and we all want to be there. A great place to eat out on Thanksgiving Day is The Lark Santa Barbara. They’ll treat you like family here, and the food is unbeatable. Or, get your food to go and take it to a pretty park to enjoy together, such as Shoreline Park.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

After your exciting Thanksgiving Day, you might want some relaxing activities to kick back and enjoy. Head to the beach! Check out the scenery at Arroyo Burro Beach, colloquially known as Hendry’s Beach. This is a great choice for the family who brought the family dog along. Or, you can head to East Beach, where the volleyball nets provide a great activity for the family to engage in. If you choose to explore Summerland Beach, you might see some horses walking along the shoreline too. Explore Old Mission Santa Barbara for a taste of history and a way to wind down at the end of the vacation. Sunday afternoon is also a great time to visit the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

Experience a Santa Barbara Thanksgiving with Paradise Retreats

No matter what you plan to do while you’re here visiting us, the most important part of your Thanksgiving 2019 vacation will be finding the perfect place to stay for you and your loved ones. Contact us today and we’ll help you take the first step.

Not everyone feels the need to stay home and clean, shop, cook, then clean again at Thanksgiving. Some of our favorite people choose to get away to Santa Barbara for a holiday they can really be thankful for. Over the years, many of our Paradise Retreats guests have discovered the joys of a peaceful and quiet Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara. Is the year you learn you learn new reasons to be grateful, too?

All the Trimmings, None of the Work

Isn’t it funny how much more tasteful a meal can be when someone else prepares it AND cleans up after? Many restaurants in Santa Barbara stay open on Thanksgiving, allowing you to have the traditional turkey feast without any of the work that accompanies it. Places like the Harbor House or Holdren’s Steaks and Seafood, famous for (you guessed it) their steak and seafood meals, will create a special Thanksgiving menu if you feel the need for a change. For those who still feel the need to prepare their own meal, many local grocery stores will offer entire premade dinners that only need to be heated up and enjoyed!

Black Friday Shopping, Beach Photos, and Pumpkin Smashing

For the hours leading up to your feast, and for the next couple of days after, your family will be thrilled and entertained as they partake in the following activities. The Santa Barbara Zoo gives live pumpkins to many of their animals, and the smashing that ensues is always a thrill to watch. Take a walk on the beach, stopping to pose against the rocky cliffs for your annual Christmas card photo, or just walking until you win the battle against the tryptophan overdose from your Thanksgiving meal. Black Friday shopping is a popular tradition, and just because you are out of town for the holidays, it doesn’t mean you have to forego the experience; many of our shops and shopping malls are open and offering Black Friday deals! Paseo Nuevo Mall is one of our favorite places to shop till we drop on this most prolific shopping day of the year.

Paradise Found

Stylish and luxurious, our Paradise Retreats vacation escapes offer that extra something that will make the most magical memories. Light, bright, and filled with luxury amenities, you may find it difficult to leave at the end of your stay! Reserve yours today and celebrate this Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara with style, grace, and much to be thankful about.