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Santa Barbara, California is a tried-and-true vacation destination for a number of reasons. Between its soft, sandy beaches, its refreshing ocean waves, and its vibrant, laid back atmosphere, Santa Barbara is the ideal beach getaway. Now you can add another layer to your experience that you might not otherwise have appreciated by playing the augmented reality game Pokémon Go, where users find and capture Pokémon by exploring their surroundings, such as local landmarks and museums—making Santa Barbara the perfect place to set off on a Pokémon journey, as the city is filled with these cultural institutions.

Read on to learn more about what attractions in Santa Barbara to visit with Pokemon Go!, as well as what to do afterwards!

The Best Attractions in Santa Barbara to Go Pokémon Hunting

Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite spots to play Pokémon Go while taking in the sights and entertainment that Santa Barbara has to offer. We hope that you enjoy these places as much as we do!

Stearns Wharf

Not only does this scenic wharf provide spectacular ocean views, but it’s also home to a wide variety of water-type Pokémon. After you catch your fill of Pokémon here, fill up on fresh seafood catches at the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, go on a shopping trip on the pier, or stop by the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and learn more about the natural environment of this beautiful area.

Isla Vista

Home of the University of California at Santa Barbara, this magnificent area has a college-town atmosphere that is ripe with adventure, which is wonderful when you’re on a Pokémon hunting expedition! Explore landmarks like the Isla Vista Theater, Storke Tower, Devereux Lagoon, and the UCSB Lagoon, which are Poké-stops where you can acquire items to help you catch Pokémon or set lure modules to attract Pokémon. Once you’ve finished for the time being, head over to Sandy Beach and take a dip in the waves!

Santa Barbara Museum of Art

With exhibits featuring contemporary Asian ceramic pieces and twentieth century Western American paintings, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art is a destination in and of itself. Museum patrons have a lenient policy towards Pokémon go players that encourages people to visit the museum. Inside, Pokémon and culture are both plentiful! Outside, you can explore downtown Santa Barbara, including Alameda Park and Alameda Plaza, both of which have Poké-stops as well.

Paradise Retreats – Rest and Rejuvenate Yourself!

Long days and nights of Pokémon hunting amidst the scenic beauty of Santa Barbara call for relaxation like you wouldn’t believe. Take advantage of our well-maintained properties, which provide lavish amenities, ample space, privacy, and comfort during your stay.

Want to learn more about what Santa Barbara has to offer? Contact our dedicated team of reservation specialists, who will be happy to give you more insight into the area when you book one of our elite vacation rentals for your next trip today!