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Are you tired of being cooped up at home? Those with children can especially understand the difficulty of the current year, with most schools only offering distance learning at the moment. While it may be tough, it does allow those looking to get away from home to take their schooling with them! The area is the perfect place to have an educational journey to Santa Barbara for everyone in the family.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

California is a big place with so much to offer, including a variety of local flora and fauna. Each region offers something a little different, with Southern California being a desert landscape and Northern California covered in red oak trees. Take a look at the incredible plant life in our state by visiting the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. This 78-acre garden features over a 1,000 different species of indigenous and rare plant life exclusive to the region. You and your family will be able the plants in their native habitat and learn about them with hands on exhibits. Make sure to stop by the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden found at 1212 Mission Canyon Dr any day of the week from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park

The area of Santa Barbara previously belonged to the Spanish Empire back in the 1700s. Many remnants of their society in the area remain available to tour, including the El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park. This unique park is a former military installation that was used to defend the region from intruders. Having been originally built in 1782, you will notice that the buildings offer an educational experience into the past. The historical landmark sits on 5 acres. Make sure to stop by El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park found at 123 E Canon Perdido St. The park is open daily from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Your family will be treated with a trip into the past when you visit the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. This local museum is located right off Mission Creek and has many different varieties of flora and fauna to be on display. The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History features 10 different exhibit halls. Visitors will discover an incredible amount of detail regarding the geology and plant life in the region. Educational exhibits will also show how the Chumash tribe first settled the area before the Spanish created settlements in the area. The museum even features the only full dome planetarium in central California. The exhibits are always changing so you will have a different experience every time you visit. Stop by the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The museum can be found at 2559 Puesta Del Sol in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center

Another location owned and operated by the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is the Sea Center. Previously known as the Ty Warner Sea Center, this local attraction focuses on the marine life in and around Santa Barbara. A variety of attractions are found here, including an interactive tide pool where you can pet sharks and other aquatic creatures. The BioLab lets you learn about the biological life cycle of sharks and other fish. 36 different marine mammals are on display in the Mammal Mezzanine. Think of the Sea Center as local aquarium with added emphasis on learning. You can visit the Sea Center located at 211 Stearns Wharf. It is open Friday through Sunday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Santa Barbara Zoo

Children of all ages can have a blast while learning when visiting the Santa Barbara Zoo. This local zoo is like many others with an abundance of exhibits with creatures found from all over the world. The Santa Barbara Zoo may not be as big as other famous zoos, but it has been ranked as one of the best. Some of the popular exhibits include animal favorites such as penguins, lions, elephants, gibbons, and so much more. You will marvel at these unique creatures as they hang out in habitats designed to look and feel like their native region. You can visit the Santa Barbara Zoo found at 500 Ninos Dr in Santa Barbara. The zoo is open Monday through Thursday from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM and open late until 7:00 PM Friday through Sunday.

A Journey to Santa Barbara of Knowledge and Excitement

As you can see, there is plenty of fun and educational attractions to enjoy during your stay in Santa Barbara. Our vacation rentals will provide the Wi-Fi you need to keep your children connected to school while enjoying comforting amenities. Contact us today to book a trip!

Everywhere you look in Santa Barbara there is some history to take in. Santa Barbara celebrates its heritage with a variety of attractions that focus on history and art native to the region. Take a look at these Santa Barbara attractions for a historical journey!

El Pueblo Viejo District

When visiting Santa Barbara, you have to check out the downtown neighborhood, the El Pueblo Viejo District. This historic area features building designs and artwork that is evocative of the city’s heritage. Expect to find red tile roofs and beautiful ironwork. El Pueblo Viejo District is home to many of the city’s historic attractions, making it easy to stop at a few all in one day. Also, don’t forget to check out the many unique shops and restaurants while you’re in the neighborhood!

Santa Barbara County Courthouse

One of the more popular and historic buildings in Santa Barbara is the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. This historic landmark was erected in 1929 and still functions as the county’s courthouse to this day. The building was designed in the Spanish-Colonial style for which Santa Barbara is known and boasts a red tile roof, elegant gardens, and a four-faced clock tower. As you tour the facility you will notice beautiful hand-painted murals that come to life. Even with the courthouse still operating, it is open for free daily tours. Drop-in tours are welcome Monday through Friday during the week from 8:00 AM to 5:00PM and on weekends from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. You will be provided with views of the incredible architecture and also a historical view into the county’s history.

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Historic Theatres

One of the most exciting way to dive into the rich history of Santa Barbara is to explore the historic theatres in town. The Arlington Theatre has been open for nearly 100 years and first opened up as a movie palace. This historic theatre continues to host award winning plays, dance productions, independent films, and unique comedy productions every year. You can also catch the Santa Barbara International Film Festival here every February. Another historic theater to see in town is the Granada Theater found in the downtown neighborhood. You can catch ballet and symphony productions that feature national and international tours. There are several more historical theaters in town such as The New Vic and Riviera Theatre that offer a look into the history of the performing arts found in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Historic Museum

One of the best ways to understand the history of Santa Barbara is by visiting the Santa Barbara Historic Museum. This historic attraction is found in the El Pueblo Viejo District and is one of the oldest institutions in the city. The Santa Barbara Historic Museum shares its extensive collection of artifacts, paintings, textiles, and decorative arts to its visitors. Each exhibit focuses on over 500 years of history found in the area with Mexican, American, and Spanish influences to be seen. The signature exhibit of the museum is The Story of Santa Barbara. This exhibit focuses on how the region evolved from the home of the Chumash people to the capital of the performing arts. You can also see the onsite historic pueblo buildings that date back to 1817 and 1836. The Sala Gallery features artwork that rotates every few months to offer a fresh selection to view. The Santa Barbara Historic Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sundays from noon to 5:00 PM; admission is only $7 for adults and free for children under 18 years of age.

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

Santa Barbara also has a vital history with the Santa Barbara Harbor. Come see how the local community connects with the sea by visiting the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. This interactive museum features an array of exhibits including preserved artifacts, films, and pieces of art. Many of the exhibits are hands on letting your family understand the importance of the shore including its kelp forest and how to sail. The multimedia Munger Theater showcases a variety of films that further enhance the experience. Last but certainly not least, visitors will want to make sure to step out onto the harbor. You will be treated to panoramic views of the harbor and the local murals on display. The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum is open Thursday through Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

More History and Santa Barbara Attractions to Explore

As you can see, there are plenty of historical attractions to visit during your stay in Santa Barbara. Enjoy your stay by reserving one of our exclusive vacation rentals in the city. You will be close to all of these wonderful attractions while enjoying luxurious amenities.

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