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It has been a long year since travel was first restricted, and many of us are feeling the itch to find a vacation getaway as soon as possible. Fortunately, things are slowly returning to normal here in California, letting visitors plan for their much-delayed vacation. The spring season is just around the corner, giving you the perfect excuse for a visit to Santa Barbara. Our central California home is the perfect destination any time of year. However, with Easter as the next holiday on the calendar, you will find it to be the perfect time for your visit. Take a look at why you should visit Santa Barbara for Easter:

Beautiful Spring Weather

Many parts of the country have experienced a colder than usual winter season. Temperatures dropped down to freezing levels further restricting any possible traveling. We are happy to report that Santa Barbara features a beautiful spring season that has just the right temperatures. The average high during April is just around 70 degrees letting you pick any kind of clothing you want. Nights only get down to an average low of 51 degrees, a perfect temperature to enjoy an evening around a fire pit with. Santa Barbara is known for our beautiful and pristine beaches; make sure you spend time outdoors during your stay with these incredible temps!

Best Vacation Rentals in the Area

Another reason why Easter weekend is the perfect time to visit Santa Barbara is our wonderful Easter rentals. Our properties of vacation rentals are second to none in the Santa Barbara area. No one wants to spend a vacation getaway they have looked forward to for years stuck in a tiny hotel room. Larger families with multiple children will be all over each other in such a small setting. Instead, reserve one of our vacation rentals that offer something for everyone. Families with multiple children can enjoy our larger rentals that feature spacious features. The open floor plans really opens up the homes so everyone has room to stretch out in. There is even enough room for your extended family to join you; no more booking multiple hotel rooms for a single stay in Santa Barbara!

Professionally Cleaned, Every Time

While California still remains cautious with the spread of COVID-19, you will rest easy knowing how we continue to offer full support for our renters. Each vacation rental is professionally cleaned before your stay letting you rest easy without fear of contamination. Join the fight against COVID-19 by choosing a rental company that fully supports active policies such as this.

Vacation Rental Amenities

We have all stayed in cookie cutter hotels that feature endless rooms that all appear identical. When you choose our vacation rentals you are choosing privately owned homes that offer a unique sense of style and substance. You will notice each property is inviting the moment you walk in. Each rental also provides endless comfort with plentiful amenities. Most rentals feature our standard amenities such as flat screen TVs, comfortable furnishings, modern appliances, complimentary Wi-Fi access, and having all linens and toiletries provided. Some of our larger rentals even feature luxury amenities such as swimming pools or hot tubs, spacious yards, patio furniture, and beautiful views of the coast or mountains. The back yards are the perfect spot for young children to have their own private Easter egg hunt! As you can see, our vacation rentals alone are a good enough reason to come see Santa Barbara!

Santa Barbara Spring Activities

With the weather being so beautiful in the spring you will need to get out and enjoy all of the activities in Santa Barbara. The city is an outdoor lover’s paradise with plenty of activities to jump into. Head to the coast and kayak the coastline. The beaches are all pristine and completely inviting. Spend the day on the beach with a relaxing picnic, splash out into the water, or just sit back and enjoy the sunshine. Shoreline Park is a great spot to see incredible views of the coast and Pacific Ocean. Kids will love the opportunity to visit Santa Barbara Zoo to see all the different exotic animals available. Adults can have their own fun too by making the short drive out to Santa Ynez Valley where a variety of wineries await. Take a winery tour to have transportation included! Unfortunately, most large events and gatherings have been cancelled for the year. You can still get your Easter fix in by visiting Hook and Press Donuts for their annual Easter Sunday box set that features Easter themed donuts and more.

Start Planning for Santa Barbara

As you can see, there are so many reasons why your Easter holiday should be spent here with us in Santa Barbara. Start planning for your trip and reserve one of our exclusive rentals for your stay.