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Vacation is a great moment to relax, unwind, and restore the mind and body after a year dedicated to hard work. With fall just around the corner, many travelers are considering destinations that bring the best of outdoor beauty and fun to life. When you’re hoping for the best of the best that comes complete with a side of California style, there’s no place better to venture this fall than Santa Barbara. Here are just a few of the many options available to enjoy during your Santa Barbara getaway:

Take a Fall Foliage Hike

It’s easy to get swept up in the idea that California is an exclusively sunny and summer-oriented destination. Fortunately, those that set their travel sights on scenic Santa Barbara in the fall will find that the color changes that apply to much of the continental U.S. in the autumn also apply to this delightful destination. For those that are excited to get out and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, there are plenty of options for savoring the sight of changing leaves when you focus on the surrounding Los Padres National Forest. Enjoying a maze of trails that vary according to length and difficulty, those with a passion for hiking can customize their fall foliage adventure through the wilderness according to preference and ability. Cottonwood and Sycamore trees that line many of these routes are known for bursting into color by late October and early November, making for a very memorable trek that’s worth carrying your camera for. Inspiration Point, in particular, is a great choice for those that enjoy the idea of a reward in the form of sweeping views of Santa Barbara from above.

Bike Your Way to Fall Fun

Mild temperatures and fewer crowds make fall a fantastic time to plan a getaway to Santa Barbara and an even better time to make sure that biking is on your list of must-do activities. As the pathways clear out of visitors, an opportunity opens up to ride some of the more popular routes and enjoy the views and fun with ease. One of these exciting options is the Cabrillo Bike Path that leads to Butterfly Beach. Offering up 4.5 miles of paved pathway to explore, the Cabrillo Bike Path is packed in the summer but provides more space to make for a leisurely afternoon of peddling through town during the fall. Ocean views are yours for the savoring along the way with the added reward of time spent at the beach when you reach the end of the road. Take pictures, enjoy great company, and indulge in time outdoors when you bike this path during your autumn escape.

Sail in Santa Barbara Style

Getting out on the water is a highlight of most trips to Santa Barbara and a fall getaway this direction is no exception to the rule. Those that can’t get enough of time spent savoring the waves will find that renting a boat or signing up for a private sailing lesson might just be the best part of the voyage. Consider partnering with the team at the Santa Barbara Sailing Center when you’re in the market to focus your autumn fun on the water. Located at the Santa Barbara Harbor just next to the launch ramp, this company is a premier provider of all things water-based fun and provides options for on-the-water instruction as well as a lineup of rentals for those more inclined towards independent adventures. From sailboats and powerboats to kayaks and paddleboards, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to enjoying a customized day enjoying the water and taking in the shoreline view from a one of a kind vantage point.

Picnic at the Mission Rose Garden

There’s nothing better than satisfying your taste buds in an open-air setting that’s as colorful and captivating as it is welcoming. Those looking to incorporate a fun outdoor picnic to their autumn Santa Barbara adventure will want to make their way to the Mission Rose Garden at least once while they’re in town. Home to over 1,500 varieties of roses, this garden is an icon of beauty within the city and a great place to settle down and admire the view while savoring some great flavors too. Sitting across from the Santa Barbara Mission, the Rose Garden offers up a space where it’s possible to indulge in tranquility while still remaining close to the heart of the city’s pulse.

Plan a Downtown Architecture Walking Tour

Santa Barbara is known and loved for its impressive Spanish-influenced architecture, but there’s no reason to book a tour during your fall getaway when you can plan one yourself through downtown. Beginning at City Hall, make your way towards the La Placita buildings dating back to the 19th century before continuing on to admire the Lobero Theater rooted in 1924 as well as the Santa Barbara recreation center dating back to 1912.

Book Your Stay Today

There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to enjoy your fall getaway to Santa Barbara. Contact Paradise Retreats to learn more about our many area vacation rentals and to start planning your incredible adventure!

2020 has been a year of unexpected circumstances across the globe. From East to West, people have been looking at their lives through a new lens and trying to find routes to working through ever-changing scenarios and daunting dilemmas. All of this has been done all attempting to balance the stress that inevitably comes along with working to keep families and friends connected while maintaining new and essential safety standards.

In many ways, it’s been a year of trying to find the beauty in the chaos. Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects for many employed individuals during this unprecedented time has been the necessary transition from office life to working remotely from home. With the disappearance of the office desk came the immediate need to create a workspace in a home environment that wasn’t necessarily set up to handle the technological or physical requirements to be productive. Finding the mindset at home to get into the work zone can be challenging as well. For those that have children to attend to, the struggle is only heightened to a new level.

Still, if we were to step back and pick out that bright spot in all of the unexpected thrown our way in 2020, it just might be that overlooked freedom that comes with remote working—particularly as its related to the option to travel. When you can work from just about anywhere, no place is off-limits! Renting a Santa Barbara vacation rental in a place that inspires you during the day, is equipped with everything you’ll need to get work done while offering up fun once the assignments for the day are complete is an amazing and very reachable experience. Enjoying a vacation while working remotely allows you to remain productive while giving you a chance to keep mental and physical health balance top of mind. When you’re looking for that place to make it happen—Santa Barbara, California is calling your name.

Get Set Up for Efficiency and Fun During Your Santa Barbara Vacation

The team at Paradise Retreats has long been in the business of creating customized Santa Barbara getaways, and 2020 brings with it a chance to weave work into the mix. Booking a beautiful, comfortable, convenient, and luxurious getaway experience to California doesn’t mean you have to leave work behind. In the year of remote working, our properties provide a better-than-ever opportunity to settle into a little piece of paradise while having all the technology standards and space in place to do some of your best work as well. With Wi-Fi access available at the touch of a button, properties equipped with home-offices waiting to greet you and of course, incredible views to remind you of what awaits at the end of the work day-there’s never been a better time to take your work on the road.

A Little Luxury for Your Work Day and Stay

In the office, it might just be that extra coffee break that gives you the boost you need to get through the day. For those that choose to combine remote working with a Santa Barbara escape, our properties provide the views, comforts, and luxuries that do the very same thing! Pick and choose between properties that feature everything from outdoor fireplaces and fully-equipped kitchens to those that include multi-level balconies, fine leather furnishings, vaulted ceilings, and floor to ceiling windows. When the workday comes to a close, reward yourself with a stay that offers up access to a luxurious pool and hot tub or provides quick and convenient access to those Santa Barbara destinations and beaches you just can’t wait to explore.

Enjoy the Area and Keep Far From the Crowds

Your Santa Barbara vacation rental promises to come complete with everything you’ll need for a comfortable and productive stay, however, the city itself is brimming over with options for fun that still work to keep you out of those large crowds. Whether you decide to take a serene stroll through the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden or can’t wait to hop in a kayak and paddle around Sterns Wharf, Santa Barbara has much to do in the way of outdoor fun in the sun. For those that love architecture, simply walking through the city and taking in the array of styles and structures is sure to inspire. Hoping to spend most of your time on the waves? Rent a pontoon or powerboat and make the most of the cityscape from a vantage point on the water.

Find a Bright Spot in 2020

This year hasn’t been easy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to hold tightly to some of the positive points that a difficult year offers up, and amongst them, the ability to work while traveling just might top the list. Give 2020 a positive travel spin by booking your vacation rental with the help of the team at Paradise Properties and enjoy time in a scenic city with just as many reasons to work well as there are to explore. Contact us today to learn more about our many property options and what rental might be ideal for your work/travel scenario. We can’t wait to see you for your Santa Barbara vacation!

Santa Barbara is a scenic and welcoming destination that’s wonderful to visit year-round. For those travelers enamored with architecture, fine dining, and shopping stops, the city has much to offer in the way of exciting landmarks. Just as intriguing is the outdoor scene in sunny Santa Barbara. Hosting wonderful weather year-round, visitors will find there’s no shortage of outdoor Santa Barbara activities to elevate their California experience. Here are a few to add to your itinerary the next time you’re in town.

Have a Great Time Horseback Riding

The landscape that makes up the greater Santa Barbara region is wonderfully diverse and dynamic. One of the most unique and thrilling routes to discovering the beauty of this landscape for yourself is to plan a horseback riding adventure while you’re here. From beach rides to backcountry paths, horseback riding is a one of a kind adventure to enjoy. For waterside rides, be sure to get in touch with the team at Santa Barbara Beach Horseback Rides located off of Highway 101. Whether you’re looking for a romantic ride for two or can’t wait to hit the beach with the entire family, rides can be customized to meet your every need. A comprehensive ride complete with gear and instruction begins at $150 per participant.

Take Surfing Lessons

The waters that lap the shoreline of Santa Barbara are idyllic for those that love to surf, but even if you’ve never hit the waves with a board in hand, there’s no reason not to try. Those visitors looking to learn a new skill alongside the pros will want to make sure to set up a lesson with the team at The Santa Barbara Surf School during their visit. Since 2002, this company has been providing comprehensive lessons that are sure to get you up and going with the safety instructions and gear you need to succeed in the water. Lessons can be booked as a private class or group experience upon request.

Find Your Outdoor Zen Fishing

Adventures on the waves are fun but what lives below the waves off the coast of Santa Barbara can be just as intriguing! Whether you’re an angling enthusiast or learning to cast a line, booking a chartered sail with Santa Barbara Sea Charters is sure to please. Sportsfishing charters come highly recommended with this company, but the team at Santa Barbara Sea Charters is also happy to offer up whale watching and sightseeing opportunities as well. Customize your time on the water and encounter some truly incredible marine creatures along the way. This type of fishing experience is ideal for the entire family and often ends with some savory delights.

Hit the Hiking Trails

Between the mountains, beaches, and forests that define the Santa Barbara landscape, there’s no shortage of beautiful scenes to savor. One of the best ways to truly take it all in is to get up close by planning an incredible hike while you’re here. Lace-up your boots and hit the Seven Falls trail when you’re in the mood to enjoy a moderately difficult trek that ends with a stunning cascade! This trail is 2.5 miles roundtrip and the trailhead is accessible off of iconic Tunnel Road. Gentle inclines make the route manageable but if you do work up a sweat, there are options to take a dip in the pools that line the base of the cascade once you reach your destination.

Go Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the top Santa Barbara activities to enjoy during your stay and one that combines physical activity with opportunities to breathe in the fresh air and take in the sights all at the same time. The Paddle Sports Center of Santa Barbara is a good starting point when you’re looking to rent a kayak by the hour or for the day. Paddling along the coastline offers up some truly scenic sights and makes for wonderful memories alongside friends and family too. IF you’re looking for a more guided experience, this company also offers guided kayaking tours that incorporate wildlife and history lessons upon request.

Take a Red Tile Walking Tour

Walking your way through new places promises to provide endless opportunities for eye-opening fun and adventure. A trip to Santa Barbara is no exception to the rule and those visitors looking to make the most of self-guided experiences outdoors will want to start with the Red Tile Walking Tour. Stop in at the visitor’s center or print off the itinerary online which guides guests through downtown one historic stop at a time. You can customize your walk to fit your own pace, but the itinerary gives you the city highlights you won’t want to miss. This car-free experience promotes healthy living, outdoor fun and a personalized way to make the city your own during a visit.

Santa Barbara Activities Are Waiting for You

There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to enjoy the fun of a Santa Barbara getaway. Contact the team at Paradise Retreats today to learn more about our many rental options in the city and to start planning your trip!

Capturing the essence of a fantastic coastal city getaway begins with booking a trip to Santa Barbara, California. This inviting and scenic city has long been loved for its collection of beaches, amazing boutique shopping, fine dining, and golf opportunities too. Of course, a trip to Santa Barbara just wouldn’t be the same without taking time to appreciate the architecture that graces the city as well. From the Mediterranean to Spanish Colonial influence, Santa Barbara hosts an interior framework that speaks to history and style simultaneously. Whether you’re one for the beach or better off shopping your vacation days away, Santa Barbara has something to inspire you. When your summer travel plans bring you this way, be sure to add the following Santa Barbara activities to your itinerary.

Take a Ride on the Santa Barbara Trolley

One of the best routes to enjoying a comprehensive glimpse of the city is to hop on a Santa Barbara Trolley and take a ride. This tour tends to take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours total and is ideal for those that are excited to see all of the major city sights in comfort and style. The trip is narrated and your guide is more than willing to answer questions along the way.

Enjoy a Food Tour with Taste Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has a way with style but is equally adept at flavor. When you’re hoping to try it all, book your place on a food tour with the team at Taste Santa Barbara. This walking tour lasts up to 3 hours as your friendly guide gives you insight into the city’s history while leading the way towards some of downtown’s most savory stops featuring both beverages and flavorful fare.

Travel Land and Sea with a Land Shark Experience

If you’re a traveler with a taste for truly unique travel experiences, booking a Land Shark experience is sure to please. Move seamlessly between land-based sightseeing into the water with this amphibious vehicle alongside a local and often laughter-inducing guide! While the jokes are bound to be fun, the information you receive along the way is accurate and insightful. Spend 45 minutes touring the city on wheels before moving into the water and getting up close with Santa Barbara sea lions.

Stroll Along Stearns Wharf

A summer visit to Santa Barbara should always include a sensational stroll along Stearns Wharf. This iconic pier is located within Santa Barbara Harbour at the cross-section of Cabrillo and State Streets. First completed in 1872, the pier brings plenty of history with it and today is a wonderful place to enjoy a collection of shops and restaurants all framed by a fantastic waterfront view. Whether you’re here to people watch, take photographs or enjoy some of the area’s best seafood, a trip to Stearns Wharf is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Visit the Santa Barbara Zoo

Get ready for a wild California adventure with your summer vacation stop at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Featuring over 500 animals from around the world, this destination is ideal for those that are excited to get up close to amazing creatures and learn more about conservation along the way. This zoo’s amazing location near the ocean comes with 30 acres of dedicated space for guests to enjoy and animals to roam. When your feet get tired of walking the many paths, hop on the zoo train for a comprehensive look at the landscape.

Spend an Afternoon at Shoreline Park

Walk, skate, or run your way through a California summer day when you make time for a visit to Shoreline Park. This is arguably one of the city’s most popular park stops with good reason. Stunning views of the Pacific can be savored from the top of a mesa while the many dedicated pathways are perfect for visiting with the family or canine companions. Shoreline Park is the perfect place for aspiring or professional photographers to come and capture an amazing shot—particularly at sunrise or sunset.

Linger at Lotusland

For those that find their peace of mind surrounded by the beauty of nature, a trip to nearby Lotusland is sure to be an inspiring choice. Officially known as Ganna Walska Lotusland, this botanic garden is located in Montecito and was formerly the estate of Ganna Walska. Today, guided 2-hour walking tours of the lush landscapes within the estate are available by reservation and well worth the time to organize. Guests will get a glimpse into a luxurious lifestyle while enjoying incredible displays of gardening.

Make the Most of Santa Barbara

Whether you’re here for the summer fun or arriving at any other time of year, the team at Paradise Retreats is here to make sure your stay in Santa Barbara is truly one of a kind. Contact us today to learn more about our many rental property options in the city and to begin planning your next California adventure!

Santa Barbara is the place to be when it comes to shamrocks, parties, and the color green. Come and visit us for St. Patrick’s Day 2020 to have the holiday of a lifetime! Here are some of the upcoming events for St. Patrick’s Day in Santa Barbara that we’re most excited about this year:

Visit the Santa Barbara Public Market

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 – 7:30am – 11:00pm
38 West Victoria (at Chapala)

We pride ourselves on our sense of community, especially when it comes to our markets. Santa Barbara Public Market will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day all day long, including festive food, drinks all around, and even live musical performances. Check out their social media as the holiday draws near for sneak peeks of event details.

Run the Lucky Shamrock 5k for St. Patrick’s Day in Santa Barbara

Sunday, March 15, 2020 – 8:00am

Get active on your Santa Barbara retreat this year by joining in on our Lucky Shamrock 5k! It’s a great way to work off all the delicious food and craft beer if you’d like to indulge a bit for the holiday. Entry is $25.

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 – 8:00pm
Lobero Theatre
33 E Canon Perdido St

The Lobero Theatre is a beautiful historic building, so you should take this chance to see both the lovely Spanish architecture theatre and an awesome Irish concert. Nothing will get you more in the mood for St. Patrick’s Day than a deep dive into the magical world of Irish song and back again. Ticket prices range from $18 – $67.

LepreCon St. Patrick’s Crawl

Saturday, March 14, 2020 – 12:00pm – 2:00am

The best way to spend your evening on St. Patrick’s Day in Santa Barbara is by participating in our LepreCon St. Patrick’s Crawl. This bar hop will last 14 solid hours, although you can hop in and out whenever you want to without cover charges as long as you have your wristband. Enjoy live musical acts, professional photographers, exclusive drink deals, and a St. Paddy’s Day costume contest. There will even be cash prizes offered at this event for the best photos. Ticket prices range from $10-20. (The sooner you buy, the more you save!)

Spend Your Stay with Paradise Retreats

After a long and fun St. Patrick’s Day in Santa Barbara, you’ll want a cozy home to return to in the evening. Stay with Paradise Retreats and you’ll feel pampered and at home during your whole stay. Head over to our catalog to find your rental today!

Traveling solo can be a truly wonderful and eye-opening experience, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. In Santa Barbara, you’ll find endless activities you can enjoy on your own. Here are a few of our favorite Santa Barbara activities that you can look forward to:

See a Live Show

There’s always some kind of live show happening in Santa Barbara, no matter what time of year you’re coming to visit us. The Santa Barbara Bowl is a famous outdoor amphitheater where you can enjoy views of the surrounding mountains during the shows. The unique architecture affects the way the sound carries, and it makes these live shows one of a kind. Other beautiful venues where you’ll always find great shows playing are The Granada Theatre and The Arlington Theatre.

Head to The Funk Zone

Find this funky district by Amtrak station, between Highway 101 and the edge of the sea. Here you’ll find all manner of interesting stops and shops, including cafes, art galleries, gift shops, and tasting rooms. This is an awesome area to simply walk around and explore at a leisurely pace, and since you’re on your own, you’ll get to decide when and where to stop. The Urban Wine Trail (a self-guided Santa Barbara wine tour) lies in this area as well, so you can add these stops to your list too! Talking a long walk through the Funk Zone is a great way to explore the fun side of Santa Barbara and make a lifelong memory out of one afternoon.

Dine Deliciously

Find a table for one at the best restaurants in Santa Barbara. We have everything here, from cozy breakfast cafes like Shoreline Beach Cafe, to classic bars like The Good Lion, to upscale dining experiences like The Lark. The wine and craft beer of Santa Barbara are real treats, and you don’t want to miss them, so make sure to try to local brews while you’re dining. Most of all, make sure to dine by the seaside at sunset. We have plenty of restaurants with a view of the sea and grabbing a table there as the day nears its end is one of our favorite ways to end the evening.

Spend Your Stay with Paradise Retreats & Santa Barbara Activities

Get started today on planning your trip to Santa Barbara. Simply head over to our catalog now and take a look at our 1-bedroom vacation rentals, all comfortable and beautiful and perfectly suited to solo travelers. Your dream vacation rental awaits!

On one of the most beautiful stretches of California’s coastline, you’ll find Santa Barbara. Here, you’ll get to enjoy not only the beauty of our beaches, but a tranquil vibe, mindful community, and historic architecture. A Santa Barbara getaway is great year-round, and with all the different things to do here, your holiday will be special and memorable.

Gorgeous Coastline Ready to Explore

In a world where the holiday months are often plagued with snow and gloom, a vibrant and sunny city like Santa Barbara (with its blue skies, temperate weather, and ocean views) is such a breath of fresh air. Enjoy the reduced crowds when visiting popular tourist sites, such as our miles of breathtaking gorgeous sandy beaches. See the golden cliffs, go biking, take a whale-watching tour, and eat your heart out on the finest of seafood! Santa Barbara is the place to be when the holidays roll around this year.

Rich City Life Where Adventure Awaits

Ride the Santa Barbara Trolley and see the sights of the city! If you ride at night, you’ll get to enjoy the magic of the lights and carols as you sip hot cider together. Looking for last-minute gifts? Or do you just love the positive energy that abounds during the holiday shopping season? Either way, you’ll get to enjoy the European-style Santa Barbara Night Market while you’re in town. This market is only open for 5 weeks starting on Black Friday, and during its run, you’ll see culture and crafts and art galore, plus live entertainment and delicious food and craft beer!

Vibrant Community with Open Arms

The Santa Barbara area is the perfect place to spend your holiday because of our strong sense of community. This is reflected on every street corner, from our quaint seaside cafes like Shoreline Beach Cafe, all the way to our beautiful historical sites like the 18th century Mission Santa Barbara. From the smaller attractions like the Maritime Museum, all the way to the art powerhouses that define our city and make it a truly special holiday destination, like Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and our beloved Arlington Theatre.

You’ll Love Your Santa Barbara Getaway

Your mornings in Santa Barbara will be filled with ocean sunrises and cafes by the seaside, your days with inland adventure and ocean fun, and your evenings with exciting city nightlife. End every day in the best of ways by staying with Paradise Retreats. Call us today and we’ll help you book one of our beautiful vacation rentals for your Santa Barbara getaway! We offer a vast selection of properties, including vacation rentals with a pool.

There’s always something happening in Santa Barbara, whether it’s a musical act or a fun festival or a quirky activity that you won’t see in any other city. Put these upcoming Santa Barbara events on your calendar and get excited about your vacation!


Hozier is a multi-platinum singer and songwriter, and one of the most influential modern artists of our times. His most recent album Wasteland, Baby! debuted at No. 1 on the charts. He’s a sensation, and you don’t want to miss him in concert.

When: October 24, 2019, 7:00pm

Where: Santa Barbara Bowl

Admission: $40 – $82

Live Dive at the Sea Center

There’s nothing like a dive to get acquainted with the magical world of life underwater. Experience the magic live with the trained divers as they explore the sea life underneath Stearns Wharf and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

When: October 26, 2019, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Where: Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center

Admission: Free

Halloween Cupcake and Wine Pairing

After watching the Live Dive, head right on over to this fun cupcake and wine event! Enjoy gourmet cupcakes with your wine, from the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars winner Alison Reide. The cupcakes always sell out, so get yours before it’s too late!

When: October 26, 2019, 12:00pm – 7:00pm

Where: DV8 Cellars

Admission: Free

Voodoo Lounge Halloween Dance Party

If you want a Halloween and one of the best Santa Barbara events you’ll never forget, come to the Funk Zone Lounge for this voodoo dance party spectacular, including a wild DJ, cash bar, professional photography, and a costume contest. Proceeds benefit a local non-profit.

When: October 31, 2019, 9:00pm – 12:30am

Where: The Funk Zone Lounge

Admission: $30 – $45

Dance Theatre in Harlem

Celebrate 5 decades of dance with the Dance Theatre of Harlem with this unforgettable ballet performance. This event will be an explosion of culture and art, and we all want to be there!

When: November 6, 2019, 8:00pm

Where: Granada Theatre

Admission: $45 – $80 ($19 for attendees 18 and under)

Santa Barbara Surf Film Festival

Experience the inaugural Surf Film Festival, coming this year in mid-November. Stay tuned for more details as this event draws closer!

When: November 8 – 9, 2019

Where: The Arlington Theatre

Admission: $40 – $65 (for 1 or 2-day passes)

Experience Santa Barbara Events with Paradise Retreats

In Santa Barbara, there’s always something happening, and you’ll want to be here to see it! Take the first step today by finding the perfect rental home to spend your vacation in. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you get started.

When you come to Santa Barbara, it’s probably because you love the beach, you love city life, and you love finding little adventures to fill the day. Some of the best adventures you can take here are the guided Santa Barbara tours offered in town by the friendly locals who just want to share the best of Santa Barbara. Check out our favorites:

Historic Santa Barbara Food Tasting Tour

Take a gourmet tour of the best eateries that Santa Barbara has to offer with Santa Barbara Eating Tours. This is a great way to get your steps in between all the different delights you’ll try, which means you can let go and stay in shape at the same time! You’ll also get to see the sights, like local landmarks, architecture, and historic buildings in the downtown district.

Wine & Chocolate Walking Tour

This is a zany way to fill the day, hosted by Totally Cali Tours. You’ll get to taste delicious wines while learning about their history and the history of the local wine scene and all the most famous winemakers. Along the way, you’ll also get to taste artisanal chocolates and other mouth-watering confections. It’s a chocolate and wine lover’s dream.

Ghost Tours of Santa Barbara

Take a risk on a wild activity! Take this tour offered by Santa Barbara Ghost Tours and you’ll get to see all the rumored haunted places here in town and hear all the backstories behind these alleged hauntings. Whether you believe in it or you find it all silly, it’s a fun time, and you get to learn a lot of local history while you’re out and about from your knowledgeable guide.

Private Charter Boat Tour

With Santa Barbara Sailing Charters you can take a private tour, just for you and your family, or you and your friends, or even you and a loved one. This is a great way to get intimately acquainted with the ocean. You’ll get to see wild sea life in its natural habitat, and with this small charter boat and your dedicated friendly guide, it’ll be a quiet and serene experience.

Experience Santa Barbara Tours with Paradise Retreats

Regardless of whichever awesome tours you take, you’ll want somewhere comfortable to call your own while you’re in town. Just give us a call today and we’ll help you get started on finding your rental home! We offer a large selection of vacation rentals, including properties with their very own pool.

One of the most popular pastimes year-round with locals and tourists in Santa Barbara is fishing. The Large Santa Barbara Channel is the perfect location to reel in big catches and have a relaxing day at your favorite fishing hole. Several spots in Santa Barbara have become more popular for their abundance of fish and higher likelihood to reel in a big one. Here are the top Santa Barbara fishing spots:

Arroyo Burro Beach Park

One of the most popular beach parks in Santa Barbara can be found at Arroyo Burro Beach Park. Also known as Hendry’s Beach, this local attraction allows you to watch the sunset, go swimming, learn to surf, go whale watching, and last but not least have fun fishing. Many locals enjoy fishing at Arroyo Burro due to how easy it is to get there and set up your gear. While you can easily fish right off the coast, you will have even more luck trying to land your big catch further out in the water.

Refugio State Beach

A short trip down the coast will land you at Refugio State Beach, another incredible coastal fishing spot. Refugio State Beach is more tropical looking thanks to the local palm trees and has lifeguards on site year-round to protect any swimmers. While the beach is narrow, you can toss your line in from any point. Make sure to watch out for snorkelers in the water as the beach is a popular swimming destination.

Cachuma Lake

Not all fishing done in Santa Barbara is off the Santa Barbara Channel. In fact, incredible fishing conditions can be found year round nearby at Cachuma Lake. This lake is one of the finest fishing locations in all of Southern California with a deep and rocky topography that allows plenty of room for the fish to thrive. Fish are replenished each year by the state, giving the lake plenty of “catchables” and trophies for you to reel in. Cachuma Lake is known for its rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and catfish; the current record for a catfish trophy is at over 32 pounds!

Enjoy Your Santa Barbara Fishing Excursion

These are just a few of the incredible fishing locales you can enjoy when visiting Santa Barbara. Remain comfortable between your fishing excursions in our luxury vacation rentals found around Santa Barbara. You will have plenty of room in the gourmet kitchens to cook up your catch of the day. Contact us today and let us find you the perfect rental for your Santa Barbara getaway today!