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Do you know what makes a vacation in Santa Barbara even better than you ever imagined it could be? The opportunity to walk the aisles of a local farmers’ market, breathing in the fresh ocean air as you pick and choose from an amazing cornucopia of fresh produce, home-baked treats, and various specialty gifts for the family who didn’t get to accompany you on your trip to paradise; your vacation just exploded into next level awesomeness! Farmers’ markets allow you take a step back into time and experience the simpler moments that really make you appreciate the joys of fresh and during your Santa Barbara vacation. Keep reading to know the best Santa Barbara farmers’ markets and how you can kill a few hours of vacation time while helping your family stay healthy!

Santa Barbara Certified Farmers’ Market, Santa Barbara & Cota Streets

Saturday mornings from 8:30AM until 1:00PM is where the magic happens around here; our Santa Barbara Certified Farmers’ Market takes over the streets! Offering every fruit and vegetable imaginable, supplied by farms all over the region, and a tasty selection of locally harvested seafood as well, its one of our favorite ways to spend a lazy Saturday morning.

Folded Hills Farmstead, 2323 Old Coast Highway, Goleta

Goleta is another of the idyllic farming towns you can find in the Santa Barbara region. Located only 13 minutes away from your Paradise Retreats vacation home, Folded Hills Farmstead offers a farm stand on weekends in the spring and summer. Featuring fruits and veggies they grow right there and homemade goodies that taste so much better than store bought, it’s also an opportunity for your children to meet the farmer and his menagerie of animals.

Ojai Certified Farmers’ Market, 300 E Matilija Street, Ojai

The Sunday drives our parents forced us to go on as children were episodes of torture to us. Today, the Sunday drive isn’t just a wonderful and relaxing experience; it also means we are heading to the Ojai Certified Farmers’ Market, located just over 45 minutes away from Santa Barbara. Open from 9AM until 1:00 PM every Sunday and featuring flowers, fresh produce, free range eggs and so much more, it seems as if closing time comes far too soon, but we eagerly await the next Sunday’s adventures!

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Santa Barbara is normally depicted as a beautiful coastal area with sunshine and sandy beaches, but believe it or not, every once in a while, there are Santa Barbara rain clouds. These clouds force us to seek alternate plans from lounging on the beach. But much of what makes this area great is the multitude of other outdoor activities not requiring sunshine. Here are a few ideas for fun on those less than perfect beach days.

Go to the Beach

Even if it’s raining, you can still enjoy the beach. Grab an umbrella, raincoat, and some boots and head down to the water’s edge. There is plenty to do at the beach even when the sun is not shining. As long as it’s not raining hard, take a walk, hunt for shells, play Frisbee, or make sandcastles. For your safety, stay out of the water, but otherwise enjoy your time in the sand!

Hang Out with Painters Like Monet

If you rather spend the day out and about, go downtown to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. This renown museum features works by Dali, Monet, and Rousseau among more modern masters. You won’t find better company anywhere. Take a look at some of the most influential works of art available at this amazing museum.

Grab Some Quality Craft Beer

Probably the best activity on this list—in our humble opinion, anyway! Head to The Press Room and enjoy a frothy pint in this cozy, local bar, or pull up a stool at the James Joyce and enjoy a drink while watching the world pass by on busy State St and shell a few peanuts; they have barrels of them there to kick up your feet.

Eat Like a Local Even in the Santa Barbara Rain

The locals do this every other day of the week, so why should a Santa Barbara rainy day be any different? If you’ve just left the James Joyce, make a sharp right turn and head directly into Mac’s Fish & Chip Shop for a hearty taste of England. Joe’s Cafe and the Dutch Garden Restaurant are two other solid choices for delicious, heaping servings of warm comfort food. There are so many restaurants in the Santa Barbara area that are amazing; these are just a few to get you started.