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We live in paradise every day of our lives and you would think we would get used to the perfection of Santa Barbara, maybe even begin to take it for granted, but the longer we live here, the more we realize how lucky we are. Perfect weather, perfect scenery, perfect restaurants, and probably our most favorite perfect of all, perfect spots for shopping in all of the country; our perfect paradise has it all! And because we know how much fun it is to lug back suitcases filled with treasures we have hunted down on our vacation getaways, we are providing this list of the best Santa Barbara shopping spots, so you can find your own perfect haul!

Lovebird Boutique & Jewelry, 535 State Street

As much as everyone loves their hometowns, sometimes it takes awhile for the latest trends and fashions to make it to your neck of the woods, so a trip away can be a godsend for your closet—especially when you visit Lovebird Boutique & Jewelry. Offering the latest trends at budget-friendly costs, it’s also a great place to pick up a sweet-smelling candle for your Aunt Debbie who stayed home to watch your precious pooch!

Plum Goods, 909 State Street

Speaking of picking up gifts for the folks back home, Plum Goods is another spot we love to browse. Specializing in organic, American, and upcycled goodies, you can feel good about spending your vacation dollars on a stained-glass moon to hang from your kitchen window, or those darling beaded earrings your mom will want to wear every day!

Warbler Records, 131 East De la Guerra Street

Remember the good old days when you would sit in your room listening to your favorite singers perform their hearts out on vinyl? The good news is that records are coming back in style—even better is the news you can buy the best of your childhood from Warbler Records. Even today’s stars are praising the virtues of vinyl, and you can buy whatever you like at this vintage store, a unique place in our Santa Barbara shopping spots.

Punch Vintage, 1223 State Street

If we didn’t have to work to earn money for our shopping habits, every spare moment of our day would be spent right here, perusing the aisles for treasures we can’t live without! This award-winning antique/vintage shopping spot offers everything from the smallest of trinkets to the grandest surprises; you may not be able to purchase that mid-century modern coffee table you’ve been dying to own, but there’s plenty of room for that art deco brooch in your carryon!

Paradise Retreats Offers More Than Just Santa Barbara Shopping Spots!

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Santa Barbara isn’t just another California town—it’s got a personality all its own, and Downtown Santa Barbara is the best place to experience it firsthand! Even if you have no car and no money, a day in Downtown Santa Barbara is a day well spent. The unbeatable climate of the American Riviera will make you happy to be outdoors and moving around, and the architecture, galleries, and parks alone will leave you engaged and rejuvenated, just as vacation should make you feel! If you’re not sure where to begin, we have a few ideas for things to do in Downtown Santa Barbara for you.

Things to Do in Downtown Santa Barbara: Tours

Many Santa Barbara tours are hosted here in downtown, serving as a meeting hub for the excursions. However, more than a few tour companies tour through downtown! Look into some of the companies, such as Savor Santa Barbara Food Tours, that will lead you through downtown. Whether interested in architecture, beer and wine, or bites to eat, there’s certainly a tour that caters to you!


Like any great downtown area, Santa Barbara is packed with places to shop, from nationwide chains to local treasures. Get inspired by the lovely climate and architecture and find an outfit that will capture the Santa Barbara feel. Or, stop in some knick-knack shops for bargain hunting—you never know when you’ll find the perfect souvenir for yourself or a loved one or friend! Trust us: walking down the sidewalk and seeing a huge variety of different stores on every side beats online shopping all to pieces.

Peaceful Parks

Take a break from your shopping and strolling at Alice Keck Park and Memorial Gardens. Chiefly a place to relax, you’ll find paths, picnic areas, and a koi pond. However, those botanically inclined will note the impressive collection of plants here, with over 75 different species creating the garden’s beauty. It is one of the most beautiful things to do in Downtown Santa Barbara!

Museums & Galleries

Santa Barbara is a huge fan of the arts. Throughout downtown–especially along Anapamu Street or State Street—you’ll find all sorts of galleries showcasing art in all sort of mediums. With such a large gathering of artists from across the region and throughout our history, you’ll find a unique blend of cultures here unlike any place else. If you don’t consider yourself an “arts” person, it just means you haven’t found the piece that inspires you yet!

Stay in Santa Barbara and See it all!

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Santa Barbara, California is more than a town on the central California coast with breathtaking views of rocky cliffs overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean; Santa Barbara is a town rich in history, culture, and home to some of the finest art galleries in all the world. There’s something about an ocean village that calls to an artist, entreating him or her to create masterpieces and this charming city is no exception. A plethora of artists make their home on the sea here, mastering their craft so it speaks to our hearts and souls. Keep reading for a list of galleries that we think are the best in Santa Barbara and maybe the entire world! Divided into zones, the Santa Barbara art galleries you find here are varied and exciting. You might have to plan multiple vacations for the chance to see them all!

The Funk Zone

As labeled, the Funk Zone contains galleries with a modern and funky bent. Housed in warehouses and buildings converted from warehouses situated between the Ocean and Highway 101, these galleries are fun and fascinating examples of art & design. Featuring a mixture of modern art paintings, figure work, sculpture and installations, the Michael Irwin Studio 121 fascinates and amazes. Located at121 Santa Barbara Street, this is our favorite gallery in the Funk Zone, but don’t let that stop you from exploring all the others in the zone – we really like them all!

Downtown Santa Barbara

Featuring tree lined streets, Mediterranean style businesses and sidewalk cafes, historic downtown Santa Barbara is a wonderful place to people watch, dine, and visit galleries filled with awe inspiring art. Our favorite in this zone is Sullivan Goss – An American Gallery, which specializes in only American art. With over 3000 works and twenty exhibitions offered each year, Sullivan Goss has been delighting folks with their selection of American wall art and sculptures for over 30 years. Located at 11 East Anapamu Street, the paintings, drawings, watercolors, print, and sculptures found here are something special.


Located just a few minutes down the road, but still close enough to be considered part of the Santa Monica Gallery Scene, Montecito has quite a few noteworthy galleries. The one that tops our list mixes philanthropy with beauty by holding nonprofit events that benefit the starving artists of the area. The Gallery Montecito contains exciting and colorful art pieces that will touch your soul.

Santa Barbara Art Galleries

The galleries listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. Everywhere you turn in this charming ocean village you will discover a new gallery featuring the best artists of California. Our staff at Paradise Retreats is continually are amazed at the quality and beauty that surrounds us and we try to recreate that beauty in the vacation homes we manage. Book your vacation today and start exploring the art of Santa Barbara tomorrow – the coast of California awaits!