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Traveling solo can be a truly wonderful and eye-opening experience, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. In Santa Barbara, you’ll find endless activities you can enjoy on your own. Here are a few of our favorite Santa Barbara activities that you can look forward to:

See a Live Show

There’s always some kind of live show happening in Santa Barbara, no matter what time of year you’re coming to visit us. The Santa Barbara Bowl is a famous outdoor amphitheater where you can enjoy views of the surrounding mountains during the shows. The unique architecture affects the way the sound carries, and it makes these live shows one of a kind. Other beautiful venues where you’ll always find great shows playing are The Granada Theatre and The Arlington Theatre.

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Head to The Funk Zone

Find this funky district by Amtrak station, between Highway 101 and the edge of the sea. Here you’ll find all manner of interesting stops and shops, including cafes, art galleries, gift shops, and tasting rooms. This is an awesome area to simply walk around and explore at a leisurely pace, and since you’re on your own, you’ll get to decide when and where to stop. The Urban Wine Trail (a self-guided Santa Barbara wine tour) lies in this area as well, so you can add these stops to your list too! Talking a long walk through the Funk Zone is a great way to explore the fun side of Santa Barbara and make a lifelong memory out of one afternoon.

Dine Deliciously

Find a table for one at the best restaurants in Santa Barbara. We have everything here, from cozy breakfast cafes like Shoreline Beach Cafe, to classic bars like The Good Lion, to upscale dining experiences like The Lark. The wine and craft beer of Santa Barbara are real treats, and you don’t want to miss them, so make sure to try to local brews while you’re dining. Most of all, make sure to dine by the seaside at sunset. We have plenty of restaurants with a view of the sea and grabbing a table there as the day nears its end is one of our favorite ways to end the evening.

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Santa Barbara is a wonderful vacation destination if you are looking to get away and relax. The area attracts millions of people a year that flock to this beach destination to relax and stick their feet in the sand. To help guide you in your journey of relaxation, we have put together the top five best relaxing activities to do in Santa Barbara during your next vacation.

East Beach

East Beach is the best stretch to catch some rays without being mobbed by crowds. The shoreline may still fill up more on the weekends, but East Beach is a bit more removed from State Street and the downtown area than the other beaches, offering more space to stretch out or take a walk along the sandy shores. You may have to protect yourself from the occasional rogue volleyball though, as there are more than a dozen sandy courts here.

Art Walks are a Fantastic Thing to Do in Santa Barbara

While taking a stroll on State Street, you’ll notice Santa Barbara’s prominent love of art. Businesses and local artists line this street to show off their artistic talent. Every Sunday, as well as some Saturdays, local artists partake in the Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show. Walk along State Street and see some of the most beautiful works of art around.

Santa Barbara Zoo

Neighboring the Andree Clark Bird Refuge in the east part of downtown, the Santa Barbara Zoo gives visitors a taste of the exotic just a block from the sandy shore. Visitors can expect to see a very unique collection of different animals representing nearly every different habitat from around the world.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

North of downtown, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is a refuge for bored beachgoers and nature enthusiasts alike. Visitors walk on unpaved paths through what, at times, looks like unremarkable brush. Walk through these amazing gardens and let your stress evaporate with the morning dew.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art

In the heart of downtown on bustling State Street, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art infuses some high culture into this laid-back Californian community. This world renown museum is a perfect location to stretch your legs and get out of the heat. Stroll around their amazing exhibits to get out of the heat and enjoy a more culturally driven attraction. This amazing attraction will stimulate your senses and distract you from the stresses of everyday life.

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