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When it comes to spectacular California destinations to enjoy, those with a passion for everything from architecture and fine dining to delightful ocean views will find the best of the best in Santa Barbara. The combination of its Mediterranean-influenced style and beautiful beaches make Santa Barbara a place where it’s easy to return year after year in pursuit of even more adventures. From wineries and museums to galleries and gorgeous views, Santa Barbara has a way of highlighting the ultimate in unforgettable moments. While this bustling locale is a great place to gather and enjoy time with friends and family, it’s also a place where a more isolated stay can be enjoyed. When you’re looking for off-the-beaten-path fun that keeps you immersed in the scenery but far from the crowds, consider adding the following stops to your must-try list of activities in Santa Barbara, CA.

Try Paragliding With These Activities in Santa Barbara, CA

It could be argued that there’s no activity more isolated, independent, or thrilling than paragliding. When you’re visiting Santa Barbara and looking for a place to enjoy this one of a kind fun make sure to book your time with Eagle Paragliding. Located at 415 W. Anapamu, Eagle Paragliding is staffed by trained professionals who are in the business of helping guests enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. There’s something special about soaring above the terrain, taking in Santa Barbara from a bird’s eye view. Eagle Paragliding offers one- and two-day training classes as well as certification for those looking to do this activity solo. There are also opportunities to take part in on-site clinics or partake in a tandem paragliding experience if preferred.

Spend Some Time Paddleboarding

The waters that lap the Santa Barbara shorelines are enticing with good reason. Those visitors that are hoping to make the most of tranquil moments on the waves will love the opportunity to get out and spend an afternoon paddleboarding during a visit. Make your way to the Santa Barbar Sailing Center located just off the Santa Barbara Harbor next to the launch ramp when you’re in the mood to reap the benefits of a paddle board rental experience. This premier provider of all things outdoor adventure offers paddle board rentals starting at $18 per hour or $72 for the entire day. If you’re looking for some instruction, guided tours are available any time between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm daily. In addition to some incredible gear waiting to be enjoyed, a stop at the Santa Barbara Sailing Center makes it easy to reserve a kayak or boat as well.

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Book a Private Sunset Cruise

If you’re looking to savor a Santa Barbara sunset, but prefer the experience in a more isolated fashion, it’s easy enough to book a private cruise on board a luxury yacht while you’re in town. The Santa Barbara Sailing Center which provides guests with top-tier kayak, paddleboard, and boat rental options for the day is also a great place to reserve your chartered experience as the sun goes down. A U.S. Coastguard licensed captain will help you sail your way down the Santa Barbara coastline as you savor the sights, enjoy a handcrafted cocktail, and make the most of onboard dining services upon request. This experience promises to be as luxurious as imagined. Guests are invited to pick and choose between several sizes of yachts available for a private sunset cruise ranging from 27-foot vessels to those spanning up to 50 feet in length.

Hit the Trail and Enjoy a Hike

There’s something about lacing up the boots and hitting the hiking trails that makes for a wonderful day immersed in the beauty of nature. For those guests to Santa Barbara looking to leave the cityscape behind and make the most of the great outdoors, a trip to Rattlesnake Canyon Park is a must. With easy parking available at nearby Skofield Park, visitors to Rattlesnake Canyon Park will first notice the wonderful collection of towering Oaks and Sycamores that dominate the landscape. Rattlesnake Canyon Park is a hiking-trail only destination, meaning your trek won’t be interrupted by mountain bikes along the way. Hikers have the option of enjoying a 5-mile roundtrip route that takes them to Gibraltar Road. Along the way, expect to enjoy amazing views of Montecito, the islands, and Santa Barbara from an elevation of 2,475 feet.

Savor Time in Santa Barbara

Taking time to enjoy the beauty, fun, and isolated tranquility of time in Santa Barbara is sure to be an inspiring choice. When your travels bring you this way, let the team at Paradise Retreats take care of all your rental accommodation needs. We’ll make sure to keep you close to the destinations you’re excited to explore while providing the comfort, convenience, and luxury you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our many properties and services and to begin planning your next California adventure.

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Santa Barbara is a wonderful vacation destination if you are looking to get away and relax. The area attracts millions of people a year that flock to this beach destination to relax and stick their feet in the sand. To help guide you in your journey of relaxation, we have put together the top five best relaxing activities to do in Santa Barbara during your next vacation.

East Beach

East Beach is the best stretch to catch some rays without being mobbed by crowds. The shoreline may still fill up more on the weekends, but East Beach is a bit more removed from State Street and the downtown area than the other beaches, offering more space to stretch out or take a walk along the sandy shores. You may have to protect yourself from the occasional rogue volleyball though, as there are more than a dozen sandy courts here.

Art Walks are a Fantastic Thing to Do in Santa Barbara

While taking a stroll on State Street, you’ll notice Santa Barbara’s prominent love of art. Businesses and local artists line this street to show off their artistic talent. Every Sunday, as well as some Saturdays, local artists partake in the Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show. Walk along State Street and see some of the most beautiful works of art around.

Santa Barbara Zoo

Neighboring the Andree Clark Bird Refuge in the east part of downtown, the Santa Barbara Zoo gives visitors a taste of the exotic just a block from the sandy shore. Visitors can expect to see a very unique collection of different animals representing nearly every different habitat from around the world.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

North of downtown, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is a refuge for bored beachgoers and nature enthusiasts alike. Visitors walk on unpaved paths through what, at times, looks like unremarkable brush. Walk through these amazing gardens and let your stress evaporate with the morning dew.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art

In the heart of downtown on bustling State Street, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art infuses some high culture into this laid-back Californian community. This world renown museum is a perfect location to stretch your legs and get out of the heat. Stroll around their amazing exhibits to get out of the heat and enjoy a more culturally driven attraction. This amazing attraction will stimulate your senses and distract you from the stresses of everyday life.

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Although Santa Barbara is known for its amazing weather, it can get a bit hot during the summer due to the relentless sunshine that the area enjoys. Lucky for visitors, the fun does not have to stop when the temperature goes up! There are numerous ways to enjoy this beautiful area that serve to keep you cool as well as provide a relaxing day. Here are the 5 best Santa Barbara CA activities to stay cool during your next Santa Barbara vacation without spoiling the fun.

Go to the Beach & Enjoy Fun Santa Barbara, CA Activities

This is the most intuitive way to stay cool in Santa Barbara. It is not a hard decision to make, as Santa Barbara is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in all of California. Soak up some rays or play some games on the beach and then get comfortable in the cool, clear waters of Santa Barbara. These beautiful beaches will keep you busy all day. Perhaps the best part of this activity is that it is free!

Enjoy the Wine Tasting Rooms Downtown

Santa Barbara is well known for its amazing wine country. Although it may be just a little hot to travel from winery to winery and walk the vineyards, there is plenty of wine to taste in downtown Santa Barbara. There are also many services that provide tours of some of the best tasting rooms, so you don’t have to worry about commuting between rooms.

Have a Kayaking Adventure

There are numerous opportunities for kayaking in and around Santa Barbara, but some of the best experiences await you just off the coast of Santa Barbara at Channel Islands National Park. Channel Islands Outfitters provides kayaking tours of the volcanic sea caves that cover this area. You will see amazing beauty and learn a little bit about the natural history of this area from trained tour guides. You can spend the whole day out here for only $144.

Take an Air Charter Tour of the Area

To spend a few hours of your day high above the beautiful Santa Barbara Landscape is a great way to avoid the hottest part of the day without missing out on the outdoors. There are numerous companies that will take you on an aerial tour of the area so you can witness the beauty that surrounds as never before. There are options for both helicopter and plane tours that range from around $150 to around $250.

Boat Charters

There is no better way to stay cool than by cruising through the water on a boat. The ocean’s spray and the cool wind make this an enjoyable escape from the heat. You can charter all kinds of boats from sailboats to speedboats, so you can really make this experience your own.

The heat is sure to not be a huge factor in Santa Barbara, but there are nonetheless ways to avoid it entirely with a wide variety of fun Santa Barbara CA activities. Regardless of the time of year, make your next vacation a Santa Barbara vacation!