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Santa Barbara Attractions

Natural Attractions in Santa Barbara

Visitors to Santa Barbara often first think of the incredible wharf along the coast or shopping and dining opportunities found throughout the city. Santa Barbara is also home to a variety of natural attractions that have helped establish the area as we now know it. Santa Barbara Botanic Garden In order to get a true understanding of the vast varieties of plant life in the area, one needs to visit...

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Santa Barbara Activities

Enjoy a Santa Barbara Vacation While Working Remote

2020 has been a year of unexpected circumstances across the globe. From East to West, people have been looking at their lives through a new lens and trying to find routes to working through ever-changing scenarios and daunting dilemmas. All of this has been done all attempting to balance the stress that inevitably comes along with working to keep families and friends connected while maintaining new and essential safety standards....

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Events in Santa Barbara

Labor Day 2020 Vacation to Santa Barbara

When you just can’t wait to pack your bags and get out of town for a well-deserved Labor Day 2020 away, Santa Barbara, California promises to be the perfect destination choice. Nestled into the scenic California coast, Santa Barbara is a city brimming over with options for fun that range from incredible shopping and dining to landmark hopping and time spent immersed in natural beauty. Whether you’re one for the...

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Santa Barbara Activities

Isolated Activities in Santa Barbara

When it comes to spectacular California destinations to enjoy, those with a passion for everything from architecture and fine dining to delightful ocean views will find the best of the best in Santa Barbara. The combination of its Mediterranean-influenced style and beautiful beaches make Santa Barbara a place where it’s easy to return year after year in pursuit of even more adventures. From wineries and museums to galleries and gorgeous...

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How to Plan a Fun and Refreshing Corporate Retreat to Santa Barbara

In life, it’s nearly impossible to avoid those moments where the stress of daily living boils over. Without taking time to relax and unwind regularly, it’s fairly simple to fall into a space where work, home life, and other responsibilities line up and cause tension. For individuals who find themselves in this scenario, taking time away from the daily routine and enjoy a getaway somewhere beautiful and fun has a...

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Santa Barbara Activities

Outdoor Santa Barbara Activities to Enjoy

Santa Barbara is a scenic and welcoming destination that’s wonderful to visit year-round. For those travelers enamored with architecture, fine dining, and shopping stops, the city has much to offer in the way of exciting landmarks. Just as intriguing is the outdoor scene in sunny Santa Barbara. Hosting wonderful weather year-round, visitors will find there’s no shortage of outdoor Santa Barbara activities to elevate their California experience. Here are a...

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Santa Barbara Activities

Santa Barbara Activities to Look Forward to this Summer

Capturing the essence of a fantastic coastal city getaway begins with booking a trip to Santa Barbara, California. This inviting and scenic city has long been loved for its collection of beaches, amazing boutique shopping, fine dining, and golf opportunities too. Of course, a trip to Santa Barbara just wouldn’t be the same without taking time to appreciate the architecture that graces the city as well. From the Mediterranean to...

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Online Resources for At-Home Entertainment

Settled into the pristine central California coastline, Santa Barbara is a scenic and welcoming destination for travelers longing to come and explore a sunny locale. Surrounded by the stunning Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara enjoys an upscale and inviting atmosphere thanks to its Mediterranean-inspired architecture, luxurious boutiques, delicious dining stops and of course, appealing wine scene. Whether you’re one for a sensational collection of Colonial stucco buildings or can’t wait to...

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Safety Guidelines and Tips for COVID-19 in Santa Barbara

As the world continues to face the outbreak of the novel COVID-19 in Santa Barbara, we know many people are worried about the future and how this pandemic will affect the coming months. Authorities in California have been taking this situation very seriously, and they have enacted several safety measures to flatten the curve and protect the health of as many people as possible. The Facts About COVID-19 Novel coronavirus,...

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Santa Barbara Restaurants

Where to Find the Most Authentic Mexican Food in Santa Barbara

California is the king when it comes to having an authentic Mexican food experience this far north of the border. There are many restaurant options for Mexican food in Santa Barbara, but some are more authentic than others. Make sure to visit these restaurants while you’re here: Los Agaves Restaurant 600 N Milpas St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 Los Agaves guarantees you the bold flavors of Mexico, with a focus...

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